Blog   Do You Know Your MLM Sponsoring Quotient?


Yes and no.

Golly Mark, that’s not much of an answer….seem kinda wishy-washy?

It’s not.

If we know the difference between a suspect and prospect and  how to improve your sponsoring quotient, what improves your chances dramatically……then, no, sponsoring is easy.

If we don’t know the difference between a suspect, possibility and prospect….then, yes.  It’s hard.  Damn hard, fraught with despair if we don’t know what drives a sponsoring quotient.

OK….you might be thinking, “what’s a sponsoring quotient.

Let’s take care of that…….


It’s a habit…..winning is a habit…..and it’s a really good idea to develop the habits that increase your SQ, yes?

If the point is building teams that build teams……sponsoring lots of people is not that answer.


Because people are so busy trying to sponsor people they don’t teach new people, who know nothing, really…..what to do.

Found the answer to that challenge helping my daughter Chelsea on night.

She told me she needed my help with a “Show and Tell” assignment…..I played dumb and pretended I did not know what “Show and Tell” was.

She was about 7 years old.   She wanted to show and tell the class how to make roasted red peppers….we had made a huge batch of them the previous weekend…

So I said, “let’s pretend I don’t know how to roast peppers, OK?”

“OK dad.”

“So, show me.”

The BIG money?  Teams
The BIG money? Teams

So I tossed a couple in the broiler… them nice and charred.

As I intentionally fumbled her communication……she got a little frustrate, grabbed my hands and helped me peel that charred skin off.

It was the “aha” moment……..and from that day on I worked 3 levels deep, showing people exactly what to do…..not telling them to go do and give them some stupid speech about how they need to want it bad.

And…….bingo, people copied me…..teaching others hands on.   If the objective is to build teams that build teams without you………and it is……..really……think about it.

Anyway, if that is the objective it cannot happen if we don’t work with them and their personals as a team!

So let’s get back to SQ here…….sometimes you can’t meet people 2:1…..but this software works great, it’s free……and you can engage and show them what you have with a teammate also there.  I mean, really……do you want to focus on sponsoring 30 people this month or have 30-40 people sponsoring …….and they can do it because you showed them, “hands on”, how to do it.

Here you go….start improving the SQ by increasing personal engagement and taking control over the sequence.  The cool thing about that is that the most awkward computer person can instantly see your screen with no downloads or tricky stuff.


Look…..this site, with no advertising, ranked 18th in the world because nice folks who like what they see here tend to share it…….one of the reasons is we don’t sell stuff… course, 2 times a year for 6 days……

We made that decision back in 2009…..and we’ve stuck to it.

I use Gotomeeting for our webcasts and I have for years.

Someone we’ve worked with just developed something spectacular……and……it will save me $5000 a year, year in and year out.

And get this…’s far more powerful….for doing webbies….doing and recording trainings……and it all integrates with google-hang-outs….so you can see your teammates…..and the prospects…..

Check it out……if you’re growing, it might be worth a look……anytime I can get 10x the firepower and wipe out a $6000 dollar expense…..BAM!

Check it out… rocksIn the meantime…..increase your SQ by learning this skill, the 3-Step Plan and when you get folks to enroll, work the 3-Deep Pattern….the little ditty a 7-year old daughter taught me.

Thanks for spreading the word about our site….leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing



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