Blog   Do The People At The Top Make All The Money? 9th Most FAQ by Prospects


It’s really amazing how many people who talk about dreams, helping others, etc., ask this question.

That should tell you something.


Common sense isn’t so common, eh?

People join MLMs and get active for the money.

Sure, we love the product and want to help other get their dreams to manifest……but people join and get active in the recruiting-sponsoring game for the money.

So I loved seeing that question pop up when I did my research on the 15 most commonly asked questions because hiden within the question is the clincher over the great debate.

It’s about money and that is great……OK,OK, I am not being cynical or morally high and mighty……I know the money is for a better life, less stress, more freedom.

But it is priceless information to glean from the question……

The point?

It’s not only OK to talk about money, you’ll do better if you do.


It’s why people join.


Network marketing success depends on being able to teach network marketing skills.

It gets really easy….and yes…..I am carving a path to the question, “Do the people at the top make all the money?”…….anyway it is really easy to understand the skills we need to learn if we know what goes through the prospects head.

They want to know 3 things…..

  1. Can I make money?
  2. What would I have to do?
  3. Can I do it?

What does this have to do with, “Do the people at the top make all the money?”


Once you know what goes through a prospects head… can be at the “TOP” of a huge organization, a top earner.

The people who make the BIG money built a large organization that they are at the top of……unlike corporate America….where the people at the top do make all the money and you have to wait for people to die AND know someone to move up….here, you can join a company 5, 10 or 20 years old [or older], and become the top earner.

You will be at the ‘Top’ of your organization, good, bad or indifferent.  People with skills who understand what goes through the prospects head make lots of money.

The rest?  They don’t.  They think it’s about timing, luck, the company, when they got it…..they simply don’t do the work that matters.

Worrying about what others make or if you got in early enough is a fear based childish response to a dream, in essence a day dream.

Any reason you shouldn’t be at the “TOP” of a huge organization?


Every year people join older companies and hit the top of the payplan.

People who got in early to the right deal don’t do any better than people who get in 5 years later, and, that is a fact.

The success and failure rate is based on understanding this is a skill based business, learning the networking marketing skills that will drive income and …..this is BIG…..learning the skill to become an effective teacher-coach-motivator.

The people that learn what to say and do and teach it will make the most money and, as it should be, find themselves on the ‘TOP” of the business that they built.

The great ones realize their long term income is directly proportional to the success [re:size of the checks], of people in their group, they learn how to accelerate the success of other.

So yes, the people at the “TOP” make all the money…..but…..the people who go broke are also at the “TOP”…..we just have to decide if we want to be at the “TOP” of something special we need to be at the “TOP” of our game by learning skills and teaching them effectively.

And they stay at the “TOP” if they continue to help others get bigger checks than themselves.

My best day in MLM since 1993?

When good friend Bob Hoskins out earned me 3 months in a row.  Excellent.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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