Museum in New York has a couple of dinosaur eggs in display.


Can you imagine it.  People go and look at these things and imaginations run wild.  No longer trapped in the Jurassic Park thing…’s real.  Dinosaurs really walked the earth, it’s not a myth.

Can you imagine what folks are thinking and saying when they see these eggs?

“Those eggs are millions of years old son.”

“This is amazing, laid millions of years ago and they are still perfect, just laying there.”

What would you be thinking?

While they are astonishing, I know that most people, if not all of us, overlook the FACT that to the dinosaurs in question the eggs represent clear and utter failure.

All the trouble of laying the egg……and nothing……nothing ever came of them.  For the Momma dino as well as the embryo…total failure.

We miss that.  Well, I know I did when a friend of mine pointed this out.  Of course my initial reaction to his comment was to focus on the fact these things were millions of years old, proof dinosaurs existed and …..well, probably pretty much what you may be thinking right now.

About 2 months after Doug pointed this out I read the same thought.

A message?  Someone trying to tell me something?

Decided to think it through instead of being reactionary…..I could still enjoy the wonder of the eggs but also learn a lesson or two.  See, if we don’t take a position, and most people feel a compulsion to take a position when a new thought disrupts our pattern of thinking about things…..especially if we have an emotional attachment to the thought….we can really learn something

What does this have to do with our networking businesses?

Quite a bit.  Lot of good lessons in here.

Our decision….your decision to join your networking company… decision to join mine…..Harry’s decision etc. really represent the dinosaur egg, does that make sense?

I mean the business model is a monster if we maximize it….a regular T-rex…..yet most people that join simply do not do the simple things they need to do to ‘hatch’ the egg.

  • Lack of energy
  • Poor planning
  • Surfing the net for magic systems
  • Not picking up the phone
  • Refusing to learn how to present
  • Excuses
  • Fake fear [come on, no one is ‘afraid’ to make a phone call]
  • Chosing to believe we can ‘buy’ a solution
  • Sloth
  • microwave mentality

Dinosaur lays a perfect egg and strolls away.  Will it hatch?

Our dreams and joining represents the egg….massive potential…..if we don’t stay on it will never hatch and grow into it’s full potential.

There are additional levels to this.  Kind of  eggs within the egg if you will.

Allow me to stretch this analogy.


Your dream is really a dinosaur egg.  The marketing plan, company etc is the nest it is in.

People don’t join MLMs because of your dream or the marketing plan…..and while being excited about those things is cool for your belief level…they have nothing to do with hatching your egg.

The elegance of the creature that is networking is that you hatch your egg by helping others hatch theirs.

Focus on their eggs….most people don’t even know they have them…..wake up their dream……by helping other’s create eggs and hatch them, your’s automatically hatches.


Even a dinosaur egg-shell is thin…..but until it breaks from the inside…..nothing…..but it is so gosh darn thin

What does that mean?

It takes so little to break through …..1 hour a day



This is a skill based business….not a branding, pay-for-coaching-so-I-can-pretend-I’m-trying, multiple streams of income business…..

People do not join the ‘it’s-safe-to-dream-again’ club because of marketing plans.

People join because they believe someone can show them how to hatch their egg…..and the more familiar you make networking the more likely they are to join you in dreaming …the less familiar you make it ….the less like they are to move forward…….here’s how


If you learn the skills …. other’s hatch their eggs only by helping others hatch theirs.

Free enterprise is alive and well for folks who learn the skills to help others hatch their eggs into a living force…..and unlike the dinosaur who’s demise was environmental, the environment for the kind of eggs networkers lay….the mind, only has one threat ……itself.

Unlike the dino…..we have total control over the environment and extinction or self perputating is our choice.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Peoples eggs are priceless, they are all too often treated like “Dino doo-doo.”

    Skills and practice are the perfect incubators.
    By not helping people incubate their Dino eggs you petrify your own.

    Thanks Mark

  • Let’s not forget that “The Flintsone’s” is not a documentary as a former President seemed to believe…..

    What I love about networking? A chance to fire Mr. Slade….

    BWY….tagged you in yesterday’s blog 🙂

  • I really like your analogy between the dinosaur egg and network marketing. Talking about the egg shell – it takes action from within to break through the shell. In network marketing it takes a burning desire within to break through the excuses and past negative programming. When we focus on our desires (the egg) we stir up within and create a force that com

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