Best MLM recruiting month

My best MLM recruiting month

December was not only, year in and year out our best recruiting month, but it also gave us an insurmountable advantage over better than 98% of MLMers on the planet.

The hard truth is most people get influenced by the wrong people… people who don’t have your agenda on their radar.

This isn't how to hit top pin levels
This isn’t how to hit top pin levels

Why was December so important?

Well, what we do in December will dictate what happens in the first quarter … which, in turn… dictates what will happen the rest of the year.

So, do you want to hit January 1 with new, excited reps who are already trained.  Or do you want to do what most MLMers do in January… beg their people to get “back in the groove”   It’s like pulling teeth, yes?

I’ve been in both situations.  People pushing you is a lot more fun than trying to “restart” people who have done nothing for 6-10 weeks. Make use of December, the best MLM recruiting month.

It’s just common sense… go for it


keep giving to keep growing


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Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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