Blog   Why December Recruiting Is Easy in MLM

December recruiting is fantastic… if you know why and have something.  What do you have to have so December recruiting in MLM is easy?  Common sense.

December Recruiting

Mark Twain said, “Common sense isn’t so common.”  He was right but wifey, The Fabulous Davene really hit the nail on the head when she exclaimed, “what is it about filling out a distributor agreement that makes us lose any common sense

December recruiting
common sense?

we may be in possession of?”

A lack of common sense, and that includes observation of your own experience, will make December recruiting impossible.   Why impossible?  Because without this simple “palm slap to forehead” you will do what more than 9 out of 10 MLMers do every December.   Stop.   And, I sure you agree, it is impossible to recruit if we stop altogether.

The something you need to crush December recruiting and ride that momentum into 2017 so it’s a record year?



Never let a rep, spouse, up team, friend or associate determine the growth of your business.  And.. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let a prospect determine the growth of your business.  Year after year we set records in December and hit January with a charged up team… vets pumped and new, trained, excited “blood” ready to go and GO NOW!

Think this through and get wealthy.  Do you think December of 2017 will be great?  Of course it will because the people you brought in this December have no preconcieved ideas about December being slow!   I loved hearing reps say that, it eliminates competition.

Wait, it gets even better.

While other struggle to get their teams back… [it’s like pulling teeth],

December recruiting
After 6 weeks off?

then back in the groove [late January at best] you are 60 days ahead of the pack.  They will never catch up, they never do.   Think about this, deeply.   You are giving yourself a 60-80 day edge on reps with other companies and other groups with your company.

Push hard, don’t buy the lie.   Test yourself with this question; can you think of any time of the year you’d like more free time and more money?  Of course not.  Everyone on the planet feels that way in the work force.   You have what they want and that simple close in the video works 100% of the time.


As long as you use the words, “new year’s resolution” to describe the procrastinators, BAM…they are in.  They have broken resolutions, probably don’t even set them any more.

I’d love to know your thoughts… think of it this way, comments are like little Christmas gifts for me 🙂


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world’s laziest networker

December recruiting
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