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I’ve had about all I can take with the “chicken list in MLM” speeches.

Have you?  I mean really, talk about nonsense.  All these gurus and leaders always yapping about “empowering people” one minute then talking about people like they are losers if they don’t call the chicken list in MLM.


Chicken List In MLM
Don’t believe a lie

I’m in the Christmas spirit so I’ll refrain from a rant here, but I can assure you that people who are not picking up the phone are not chickens and, furthermore, people pitching that idea don’t know squat about network marketing.

How can I say that with such conviction?

First of all, how can someone’s ego be that enormous that they would believe they can belittle people into making calls?  Good grief.  Would you want to do that?  When we hear leaders do that when people who are further along in the pay plan do it, are they not showing us what we will be doing once we succeed?  No thanks.

If it is not courage…

If it is not sloth…

Then what is it?  When don’t people go after their chicken list in MLM?


Look, it’s not that complicated.  If we can’t help our acquaintances earn income and they block us from the phone, we are doing the right thing.  The chicken list in MLM thing is what it is; I want to embrace your integrity.

You don’t have call reluctance…

You are not a chicken…

You don’t lack desire…

You have integrity.   Now all you have to do is the work.

You see, once you know how to get a yes on demand and you can teach it, (or just forward the two skills), you’ll feel confident that people you do bring in will earn income if they do two things.   Same two things you need to do.

The two things?

1] Learn and *practice these two skills.

2] Go use the skills and improve.

*Practice.  My pet peeve is practice.   Practice, practice, practice.


Practice With Pride
Practice With Pride

Never practice between 9 AM and 9 PM.  This is sacred time.   The ONLY thing you do with your business between 9-9 is talk to people who are not in your business about your business, for yourself and your teammates.

Getting a “yes” rejection-free makes it easy to avoid the other nonsense we engage in, like checking volume, texts, facebook pages your team has.

When do we practice?

After nine at night and/or before 9 am.  Keep that sacred time sacred.

Here are the two skills, no upsell as promised.

Let me know what you think below, I love that 🙂


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Chicken List In MLM
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