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Stress Free Enrollment Into Your MLM
February 4, 2016
I kept noticing that when it came right down to the the prospect actually paying for the initial order stress and tensio...

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OCD is Killing MLMer’s Dreams, Confession and Cure
December 11, 2014
OCD In a way, it’s a confession… Once I learned and started using the network marking skills and my busines...

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MLM Pros Know How to Eliminate Objections and Close
October 7, 2014
3 Simple Steps Building a big network marketing business is pretty simple if you know how….and a pride swallowing ...

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Network Marketing Motivation Talks? Waste of Time
September 25, 2014
HOW BORING IS IT? No offense to anyone, really…but are motivational speeches: A] The most boring thing all time B]...

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Trying To Overcome MLM Objections? fuggetaboughtit
January 28, 2014
OBJECTIONS Dealing with objections is a waste of time. Period. Now don’t be upset…..if you are polishing you...

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If I Was Starting Over Today In MLM? Plan With Purpose, Temper With Common Sense
January 1, 2014
IT’S THE SMART THING TO DO If your business is not producing the results you want, follow my Uncle Dan’s adv...

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Think You’d Sponsor More If You Knew What Prospects Want?
October 14, 2013
THERE’S AN OLD SAYING….. And, no, it’s not “if you build it they will come.”   If you gi...

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The Single Most Important Thing In Groups Sponsoring More
June 11, 2013
FACT OR OPINION? Everybody knows the point is to get more people sponsoring, not sponsoring more yourself. I’d be ...

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The 5 C’s Get More People Sponsoring
June 3, 2013
THE TARGET Posted a blog last week and got a couple interesting emails……I claimed most people are aiming at ...

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Most MLMer’s are Aiming at the Wrong Target
May 30, 2013
ARE YOU AIMING AT THE WRONG TARGET? Struggling? We were making money but it was a rock fight…….. Come to fin...

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