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How to Avoid The 7 Most Common Mistakes Home-based Biz Owners Make
August 19, 2010
WHY 7? Could be a longer list…..and surely people will debate it ……BUT….. my experience has taug...

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Two Crucial Communication Skills, Sunday’s Thoughts While Shaving With Einstien
August 15, 2010
COMMUNICATION Wouldn’t it be great if 100% of the people understood what we were saying 100% of the time? Let̵...

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10 Little Things To Turn Knowledge Into Power
August 12, 2010
KNOWLEDGE = POWER This is false. Knowledge x Action = Power. Here are 10 things that winners choose to do. Where’d...

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Friday’s Riddle for Networkers….How Long Does it Take to Make 10K a Month?
August 6, 2010
RIDDLE This one is tough, Albert Einstein wrote it….. Here is Einstein’s Riddle: Einstein wrote the followin...

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7 Reasons Attraction Marketing Does Not Work
August 5, 2010
ATTRACTION MARKETING Talk about a crock of bulls$%#*…there simply is no such thing and only folks trying to sell i...

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Sunday’s Thoughts While Shaving With Einstein & Carlin
August 1, 2010
WITHIN OR WITHOUT Disraeli said “Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men....

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Friday’s Riddle for Serious Networkers
July 30, 2010
RIDDLE A Rebus Riddle uses words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases. What phrase is repr...

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