Building a winning MLM team is simple.

Having a hard time wrapping your head around the veracity of that statement?  Back in 1993 – 94 I would have thought anyone who said that either… A: Had never done MLM or B: Was full of crap.

Winning MLM Team

Turn out building a winning MLM team is easier and faster than I could have imagined when I was struggling.  See, on those days as I saw my little group of 15 to 20 people produce very little one week, nothing the next… just the word “team” triggered anger, resentment and eye rolls.   Of course, all those reactions are secondary emotions.   The primary emotion was, of course, fear.

winning MLM team
Can you pick me out?

I was scared that I’d never build a team.  As a guy who lettered in 5 sports and played all 3 seasons every year from 5th grade on through my freshman year in college, I loved teams, locker rooms, games… but the real love was the camaraderie.  And it just wasn’t happening.   I was not building a team let alone a winning MLM team.

So what changed?  Turns out a simple idea, dating back at least 4000 years and repeated century after century by successful people and kindred spirits turned the trick.   Suddenly, building a winning MLM team because easier and easier …and easier.

How could it keep getting easier and easier?

I stopped listening to the nonsense that MLM is “different” and went to work exactly how my coaches did with me.   I guess I’m a little frustrated with the internet thing coupled with fear, sloth, and inexperience.   Building a winning MLM team really has 3 very clear components.   I’ve broken this into what I call the 3Ms.

Mechanism is one of the Ms.  You’ve got a vision, dream, goal… and your company is the Mechanism you will be leveraging to create the revenue to fund the dream.

The other 2?   This guy, Sean Graham, has the 3Ms and gets to do something most dads want to do but for the most part, most never get there.

Listen to the other 2 Ms and exactly how Sean executes them; it’s why he’s got a winning MLM team.

It Really is Easy

Get the mind, where all things begin, moving toward more self-worth with your teammates and checks grow, morale jumps, and the “promise” to a better dad, mom, son… whatever, just happens.   [BTW, here’s the link to early notification of the Master Key Experience].

winning MLM team
Sean worked on Sean to be the dad he is.

The “skills” or method is merely executing properly and there are plenty of free skills on this site.

Here’s what matters to me.  I’ve seen Sean grow both personally and professionally.   He did NOT get bigger checks and become a better dad.  Folks, it just does not work that way.

We become better people (that’s the mind baby, it’s all in the mind) and we become better at everything.   And for the record, reading a book won’t get it done.   I believe what is really interesting is Sean in this post, Dawn in last week’s post and Sarah in the post the week before, could not be more different people.  Very different in dozens and dozens of ways…

So how is it… they all figured out how to build a winning MLM team, become outstanding parents who actually have time daily for the kids?   If you’ve checked out all 3 videos over this series, you know how they did it.

The best way to improve the team is to improve yourself”  John Wooden.

And where does that really happen, the improvement?  The mind.  Make sure you’re on the early notification for the Master Key Experience 

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Winning MLM team
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