Blog   Branding in MLM? It’s Useless Without This 1 Free Thing


When did MLM get so complicated?

Fan Pages, Social Media……Branding?  Geez……

Poor training would be better than the ZERO training companies provide…..the window is open for a bunch of bottom feeders, trying to leech off every downline in the Universe by creating a need……for a ‘brand’ and then offering to help you do it for the low-low price of $whatever, good grief!

What a load of crap.

Here is the 1 thing we all need to know about branding.


A few free network marketing skills and an authentic brand via sound principles found in “Think and Grow Rich”  [just click the book when get to the page], will make a massive difference on 3 levels.

  1. Authentic Brand
  2. The principles will make you better
  3. You’ll be able to help more people
When you combine those three things, everything changes.   Why don’t people do it? Why do they pay some moron $20, $30 bucks or more a month to develop a ‘brand’ ?
Mirco-wave mentality, brain damage from surfing the net for short cuts and sloth.
It’s free, no sales pages, pitches……..well, not quite free…….you’ve got to do a little reading and thinking.
mark januszewski

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