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The “3Ms” is the pathway to authentic success.  Mind.  Mechanism.  Method.

Through my blog posts, you’ll discover a mix of personal stories and valuable lessons I learned along the way to help myself and others master the 3Ms.  It begins in your mind; your MLM is the mechanism and the Skills are the method you require.

If you have a question or are stuck in your business, leave a comment so I can help you out!

No one goes further than their team takes them.  Sharing articles you find useful with teammates is the smart thing to do.

Remember: Give more, get more!

Got Challenged by a Reader of the Blog. I Accecpt
May 8, 2010
Got challenged by a reader of this blog. Karen seemed to feel I was beating up a little bit on gurus, tool sites etc. Th...
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Our Friday Riddle for Networkers
May 7, 2010
Here’s the weekly riddle with a point for networkers. RIDDLE The rungs of a 10 foot ladder attached to the outside...
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2 = 1 ? Yup, and 1000s Prove it Everyday
May 5, 2010
There is a fascinating group online these days. They prove 2=1 all day long. Stunning. So stunning that people reach for...
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Thoughts While Shaving. Practice, Posture, Leads, Branding
May 2, 2010
Is it multiple streams of income or multiple streams of out-go? Here’s a hint: We’ll be pissing off a lot of...
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This Week’s Riddle ~ If they can do this, shouldn’t Dulplication Be Easy?
April 30, 2010
It’s a real gift and Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter has it. We need to ask the tough questions and give people...
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‘BEEP, BEEP’ ~ The Clock? Your Head? Enemies?
April 27, 2010
We really have just 2 enemies when working from home. Our success or failure has more to do with picking the right battl...
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The Best Things in Life are Free? You Get What You Pay For? Sloth
April 24, 2010
There is an old saying, “The best things in life are free.” It seems to be in direct conflict with the mantr...
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Weekly Business Riddle…Proof Words Matter
April 22, 2010
RIDDLE A man was to be sentenced, and the judge told him, “You may make a statement. If it is true, I’ll sen...
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Pizza, Napoleon Hill & Friends Makes Lots of Money
April 21, 2010
So what does pizza have to do with making money if your not selling it? Not your first question? I get that. The math. R...
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Leads, Chocolate Cake, Money, 7 Seconds
April 17, 2010
It takes focus to build a business. The hundreds of rags to riches stories I’ve witnessed over the years really ha...
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