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Simple common sense is the key to the vault in MLM?

I’m saying without it we’ll never find the keys to the vault, let alone the vault.

For some reason, and it was the case with me during my failures in MLM during the ’80s, we believe we’ll make a lot of money.

We let our enthusiastic belief short-circuit our common sense.

Common Sense?

Twain wrote, “Common sense isn’t so common.”

He was right…and even righter when it comes to us MLMers.

We are a passionate but often irrational group, eh?

Without passion, what is there in life?

Passion is wonderful, magnificent and without passion, are we really alive?

Sure, we might be breathing, eating and sleeping, but no one will deny that those ‘painting-by-the-numbers’, while technically alive, lack the vitality that makes us ‘sparkle.’

MLMer’s live with passion, none of us are painting our lives ‘by the numbers’

MLMer’s sparkle.  It’s that great passion we have that makes us feel alive within the experience of life instead of reacting to life.

We LOVE our products.  We love our leaders, pay-plans, and companies.

Others’, those ‘painting-by-the-numbers’ types, think we are nuts.

We think they are nuts!

It’s wonderful, but…

But…we need to be careful that this kinetic passion doesn’t strip us of our common sense.

It’s Business

Winners channel that passion into a great work ethic and manifest dreams for themselves and others.

Non-winners in the MLM game tend to have their dreams linked to their passion, and without results, the passion fades and the dreams die with the passion.

What is the difference?

Common sense.

It’s a business and winners realize this.  They ‘balance’ their passion for what they are doing with this simple common sense fact.  It’s business, just like any other business.

While the non-winners believe passion is enough, believing is enough, commitment is enough…and NEVER really follow the most simple of all business principles, winners do just the opposite.

They use common sense to identify a key business principle and turn their passion towards that so they can turn their MLM opportunity into the vehicle that will manifest their dreams, and, more importantly, the dreams of others.

Let’s face it….if we can help 2-4 people get what they want, we’ll get far more than we could ever need or imagine.

See if this makes sense to you… as it does to most people who are cashing big checks.

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  • Hello Mark,
    I can’t believe I was here 2 months ago, dying for information to be able to start-up, and I am currently writing down my Biz Plan and Plan of Action… with the clearest mind!
    Thanks a billion!

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    My upline just turned me on to your training. Glad they did! It’s good stuff! Looking forward to Thursday!

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