Grow MLM Checks

It is really this simple… better decisions grow MLM checks.   One more time, better decisions with our time grow MLM checks.  Nothing else will.


My dad died when I was three and I was fortunate enough to be raised by two fantastic uncles, Mo and Dan.   An entrepreneur and an IRS agent.  Amazing guys and very few rules to live by.   They did not feel the same about all things but there were a few things that they insisted on, lived by and preached over and over.

grow MLM checks
In a hole? Stop digging

If you are in a hole, stop digging.

Must have heard it a hundred times.

If you are working an MLM and have been for a few months or longer… and you are not earning checks that are growing each month, STOP DIGGING.

Of course, false pride, uplines and motivational speakers, conference calls and the like pull those “quitter” buttons… and we don’t want to be known as a quitter.

The problem is not quitting and no one is a loser or quitter who stops digging.   It is actually the smart thing to do if one really wants to grow MLM checks.

If we are doing it wrong, does putting in more time make a difference?  And, if we love our company, product or plan… or all 3 and we are really trying but we’re losing money and time instead of doing the things to grow MLM checks, stopping in a certain way is the smartest thing to do.

What does that mean?   How can I work less to improve?

Shouldn’t I be working harder?


You are in a hole, stop digging!

What does that mean?



We are the decisions that we make.

What determines our decisions?

Our subconscious mind.

Biggest problem I see over and over and over?

Purpose.   The purpose of a person’s life is not matching their core motive.

What does that mean?   How does that grow MLM checks?

By having a valid and important purpose that matches your core motive you are half way home to improve the decisions you make, minute to minute.  Please remember, “subby” makes all the decisions.

How do you get all the way home… how do you become a remarkable decision maker effortlessly?   That’s the easy part.   Lower your time and increase the readings of your purpose… with limited time, once subby accepts [2-3 weeks] the new thought, it will self-direct.  Your loyalty to your REAL purpose in life, one that syncs with your core motive, improves the quality of your time, decision making and grows MLM checks.

Reds – progress

Blues – intimacy

Yellows – Adventure, fun

Whites – Peace and harmony

You can get the free version right here, just take it and then examine your core motive with your reasons…for doing MLM.   Then?

  1. Adjust your written purpose to match your core motive
  2. Write a 200-300 word version
  3. Write a 100-word version
  4. Read them both, alternating dozens of times a day
  5. Read with GREAT GUSTO!

You’ll quickly notice yourself making better decisions with your time unconsciously and next?  Your MLM checkswill grow.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Grow MLM Checks
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