Best Network Marketing Company?  

I was surprised this was this far down the list…and my definitive answer.

With everyone claiming to have the best:

  • payplan – EVER
  • management team – EVER
  • product – EVER

It’s not hard to see this making the top 15 questions.  It’s just with all the noise about pre-launches, (yawn), tweaked binaries and unilevels, matching bonuses, and all this being blasted 24-7 by amateurs, confused prospects is a way of life.

Add to the total lack of class, style, and stupidity of people who put down all companies but their own, it’s no wonder people are confused.

Great, good, bad, indifferent…

Some Great, Some Not

There are great network marketing companies out there. – some fairly new and some that set the standard.  Some bad ones and some middle of the road stuff, just like any business.  There are good, bad and indifferent butchers, bakers and candlestick makers…but who is the best?

I guess if I didn’t know what I do now, I might want to know…if I was a prospect.

Now I know better.

The Very Best Networking Company is You

Your organization is a company.

Think about it.

You enroll and enroll others and so on.

It’s your team, your group, your peeps…right?


It Is A Business

It’s your company and each rep in your group represents a point of distribution for the wholesaler’s juice, pills, powders, potions, cell phone service…whatever.  The company collects money, takes a profit, sends out product and pays you…for?

Building a business.

The best or worst company…is you.  You are the CEO, you are running the show.

When I sold seafood, I bought the product on credit, went out and sold it, paid the company what I owed them and kept the difference.

I hired drivers…just like we get reps.

My suppliers did not pay me…I earned the ‘difference’ between cost and prices I charged.

As my team of drivers grew, so did my income and what I had done was set up channels of ‘distribution’ and got paid for it.

While the way the money is handled differently…it’s really the same model, (minus headaches) as a chain of distribution via dropshipping.  Its a real company and it’s yours.

Some good, bad or indifferent

Other guys and gals did the same thing as I did.

I did better than most; I ran a better company.

Same with you.  MLM is just a model where the company is encouraging us to build ‘lines’ of distribution.

So is your company the best?

That is up to you because whether your wholesaler is located in Utah, Florida, Texas or Timbuktu…you are going to get paid based on the kind of company you build.

Your Group, Your Company

The best MLM companies – you, me or Moe, Larry & Curley…are the ones with the best-educated teams.  This is a leadership tip that is priceless.

Duplication is a by-product of education.

Like any occupation, it all revolves around skills and communication.  We can have the best leadership tips in the world but we can’t give anyone a single network marketing tip until we learn what to do and learn how to teach.

I loved conventions because I always had the highest percentage of folks there proportional to my team.  This is the part I loved…they always came up to me all weekend and told me how much they were helping and teaching others.  My teams came home oozing with confidence because they knew they were far more knowledgeable than 95 % of the people they met.  They were stunned.

Confidence comes from skill, skill comes from correct knowledge and ‘hands-on’ repetition…is the mother of skill.

Great companies are great because they keep learning and applying.

Want to be with the best company in the industry?

Make it so by learning and applying the skills that will advance your company.  Your team IS your company, not the wholesaler.

The folks who build the best companies adhere to President Harry Truman’s wisdom, “The buck stops here.”

Instead of looking for the best network marketing company, plan…whatever…be it.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • Very True Mark,

    Even if there was one or two “Best” companies and you didn’t build a team it wouldn’t matter much would it?

    There is no best company, best pay plan, best management etc..
    What there is are company’s that stay in business and those that fold. Far better are the ones that stay open!

    You can’t get a residual check from a bankrupt company!

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

  • Love your sentence….’can’t wait to get a check from bankrupt company’

    Thanks for getting the word out!

    mark j

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