We really have just 2 enemies when working from home. Our success or failure has more to do with picking the right battles than anything else.

The old yet often profound comic strip ‘Pogo‘ said in all on this subject.

We have seen the enemy and it is us”

The two enemies are, of course, the clock and our heads. Caught up with old friend Jackie Blasko recently. Jackie figured out a long time ago which battle to pick and she managed to kick it’s butt for better than a decade in world class fashion, crusin’ at over $30,000 a month.

How does she do it? Well, that’s the BEEP-BEEP part but our personal formulas we develop are all useless if we don’t pick the correct battle and win that first.


The clock and the head are 2 enemies with us every day, 24-7.


The head has some pretty heavy weapons.

Our ego.
Ego is like a nuclear weapon. We come into a home-based business and for some strange reason most people make a huge mistake right off the bat. There is no way we’d change careers, take on an entirely new line of work, and without expecting to have to learn some new skills so we could be effective in the new career.

The mistake is we forget that and WE ALL want to do what we know how to do, what we are comfortable doing and what we like to do and be successful. Bad plan.

We resist learning….or even acknowledging ….new skills. We just go out and start talking to people. We are so convinced we’ve found something special don’t get we’re coming across like carnival barkers.

People LOVE stories they want to listen to.
People HATE sales pitches.

The difference between check cashers and non check cashers is skill.  Check cashers know how to get people to ask them to tell them a story.  Non check cashers THINK they are telling stories.  And work hard to improve the story ….about the plan, company or product. And, it gets worse…..the worse it gets, the longer the story gets…..they never learn they are making the problem worse by believing it has something to do ‘finding the right people.’  A vicious cycle that gets so painful they quit.  So sad.

Until we learn how to be great story tellers and have prospects want us to tell them the story, we are pitchmen and they run for cover. This is a pretty easy skill to learn BUT ego prevails with most people and they think it has something to do with finding the right people.

That is 100% ego. We NEVER stop to think that everyone wants more time, less taxes and more time…..exactly what we are offering. Maybe is has something to do with what we are saying. Not possible if we migrate to the biggest lie…..”you just have to find the right people.”

Fear, doubt and insecurity.
I guess we need to mention these 3 as part of the head battle.

We all have those times on the couch at 3:00 AM where we ask ourselves, “who am I kidding….I been doing this for 5 months and I only have one person. My Mom. And I am paying her monthly charge.”

Fear, doubt and insecurity are really linked back to ego. That’s an entirely different post….but…our unwillingness, our resistence to doing what successful upline folks are doing and the poor results we are getting ignites fear and his 2 cousins, doubt and insecurity. We are dead in the water.

Next step? Easy. Self-help courses, gurus, spiritual growth……still no growth.

Why? Wrong battle.

The head wins because the core belief systems are stronger….been there longer….and slogans, reading our goals…singing the company song and dressing in company colors won’t change anything if we don’t know what to say.


Now here is one we can win, day in and day out.  The Jacki Blasko’s, the winners, pick this battle.

Winning is a habit, so is losing.
Really cool is combining this with the Law of Dual Thought.

What’s that? The Law explains, in a nutshell, we cannot think of 2 things, hold 2 thoughts at the same time.

And what is really cool is of we play beat the clock, the head never gets involved. And you beat the head. Huh?

That which we don’t feed will atrophy. By playing beat the clock and winning this easy battle, we never feed the enemy, It dies.

Beating the clock is something Top Earners like Jackie do all the time.

It’s simple.

It means deciding how many people we’ll contact before the say is over. 3? 5? 10?

No matter. Just get it scheduled and keep dialing till you reach the number. And, you gotta get it done by 9:00PM…..you gotta beat the clock.

Once we have this habit, we become students of skills so we can convert a bigger number of them to a ‘yes’ – 90% is a good number. 90% should say yes to looking at what we have.

Then, core philosophies like Blasko’s BEEP-BEEP makes a lot of sense.

B – Believe

E – Enthusiasm

E – Effort

P – Persistence

Believe in yourself, company and the industry.  If you believe in the correct things, you get the desired results.  Jackie has the skills to get people to ask her to tell them a story.  Earner’s believe they can teach willing students to learn the skills.

Enthusiasm: Meaning God or Spirit in you.  Once you know what to do and can teach it, how can you not be excited?

Effort – Edison said “Most people miss opportunity because it shows up in overalls and looks like work.”  The truth is playing beat the clock is easy and fun, a battle we can win everyday.  If we don’t pay the price for success now, we have to pay the price for failure later.

Persistence – This is a column by itself, it’s got nothing to do with ‘hanging in there.’  The difference between persistence and stupidity is pretty thin.  Pros know better than 90% of the people we talk to should agree to look and their persistence is symbolized by honing their skills and improving.

Now, Jacki created BEEP but I have known her for close to 15 years….and …..it’s not BEEP with Jacki, nor the other multiple 6-figure earners I know……It’s BEEP-BEEP. Leader’s love the privilege of going the extra mile.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Hey Mark,

    This post is so true and it really really got to me. You mentioned “BEEP” as Belief, Enthusiasm, Effort and Persistence. These are all covered in detail in Napoleon Hill’s great book “Think and Grow Rich”.

    Loved this post and thanks.


  • Thank you for your ‘wisdom’ and for your training on this site! There really are no secrets!

  • You got it Brian

    The truth is the more people look around for ‘secrets’ the harder is becomes to see the obvious.

    So now Think and Grow Rich is in public domain….people can get it FREE ….incredible document …..verfied proven plan…..created more millionaires, by a huge margin…than anything else has…..AND…..folks insist on spending hard earned money on ‘Secrets’ from people with zero to offer ~ LOL

    It’s a heck of a paradox, eh?

    Keep spreading the word…

    mark j

  • Amen to everything here. You pegged Jacki to a tee. She is the real deal. Thanks for summarizing and feeding it to me again in a new form.

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