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I admit it.  I’m lucky…

For four decades I’ve tried to share that luck with others… or a least “how to” be lucky.

Two simple “spirations” create luck.

Preparation and perspiration.

Luck is

Labor Under Correct Knowledge

The key word being, of course, Labor.

But, sometimes… something just drops in your lap, unexpected.  Totally unexpected.

Richard Bliss Brooke
Richard Bliss Brooke

Turns out authentic legend Richard Bliss Brooke and his bride, Kimmy, were coming to Kauai to look at some property and, well, he’s a networker.  Good friends with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and he liked the conversation Al and I had on our lanai.

I’m not saying the “luck” was hooking up with Richard… I’m saying the value that he shared over lunch and in this video was priceless.  You’re about to get very lucky.

It’s impressive that Richard moved from laborer to $40,000 a month earner but that isn’t what impacted me.  The first of two things that impacted me was that hard “edge” most MLMers have was absent, replaced with remarkable humility.

The second thing was his company board has one male… the rest are females.   He gets it!

The DSA stats are this… 83% of the people in MLM are women, yet the boards of most MLMs are virtually all male.  Good grief.

I never, ever have been able to figure out how MLMs and MLM leaders don’t get that.

Richard does… and has taken action that sets him apart for other (wink-wink)”experts.”

Key to the Vault Shared

If you really pay attention… the simplicity of success in MLM or any venture for that matter is so clearly defined and so doable, you’ll probably “slap palm to forehead”… if you don’t, take my advice and view it again and again.

You should hear exactly where the key to the vault is located.



Yeah, yeah… he has a massive list of credentials… best selling author, rags to riches story, visionary, speaker and trainer in a league of his own, but the 2 takeaways for me?

Humility and giving.

He understands giving without expectation of reciprocity.

I’d love to have you comment below and let me know what you took away from this conversation.

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

world’s laziet networker

Mahalo for Sharing
Mahalo for Sharing


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