Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing For Network Marketers is a hot topic right now… and I just can’t believe what I am reading.  One article after another about attraction marketing written by people who don’t know the difference between attraction marketing and the Law of Attraction.

Attraction Marketing

If it didn’t piss me off so much, I’d be laughing my butt off as I read articles from one hack’s, [hustler, con artist], after another’s about attraction marketing.  They all seem to bounce between confusing definitions of the Law of Attraction and marketing itself.  Good grief.

Let’s start with a little common sense.  To listen to these morons explain it, it virtually asks you to believe that no one… not a single soul until them… ever advertised with the idea of ‘attracting’ people to their shop, business etc.  Really?  No one knew until these experts came along, for 100s of years,  how to make their product or service seem “attractive.”  Somehow, they have found some magic formula that renders all advertising, ever… is dumb, UN-attractive, and repelling.  Really?  Who would read that stuff and… worse… buy from these liars?  ONLY their “ads” attract cuz they know something no one else knows?

All advertising, since the beginning of time advertising wise, is intended to “attract” people.

Law Of Attraction

Attraction Marketing
You might as well hire these guys … at least you’ll get a few laughs for your money

To make their “pitch” a bit more [ahem] attractive [LOL] … they mix in a touch of Universal Law.  Obviously, they favor the Law of Attraction.  This is a metaphysical law as all Universal Laws of the mind are.  The Law of Attraction and the Law of Growth are one and the same.  What we think about grows.  The thoughts we hold consistently have a tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent.

All, and I mean 100%… all of the nonsense these hacks toss into the melting pot is to leverage human nature.  If you read a few things that are true, we tend to believe the conclusions.  The important thing here is that the Law of Growth has nothing to do with advertising.  It’s an old fashion con game, played for hundreds of years.

What does “what you think about grows” have anything to do with advertising for vitamins, skincare, or travel?  Nothing.

Missing The Point

Most people have forgotten, [or never learned], about the beauty of the network marketing industry.  Did you know less than 3% of first time sales come from social media?  Most stats about social media you hear from these “experts” are false.   They are not telling you most companies are using it to promote brand and keep their customer base buying.  Don’t miss the point of our great industry.  Here is a true statistic.  63% of purchases are based on a friend, realative or associate’s recomendation.  It remains, without question, the highest sales referral.

Missing the point?  The point of our industry is we can get started for very little, a couple of hundred bucks, and that’s it.  We can build a huge business off word-of-mouth advertising and never spend a dime.  When you really think about it… as you build your team, you are building an advertising agency.  You are learning how to talk to people about their hopes and dreams… and we close on their dream, not the company, plan or, product.  As your team comes together, you help them and yourself effectively talk to people [word of mouth] about your product and/or business.

If you make the conversation about them, their hopes, desires, etc… and don’t pitch, they’ll like you.  And that attracts them, that’s attraction marketing.  You are marketing a chance for them to get what they desire.   I learned to do this in a couple of days… then improved.  How?  I studied Dale Carnegie and BAM… we set records.  Learn his stuff, people will like you more and you’ll learn how to teach your team [free, click here his stuff is in the public domain] … turn them on by learning to take a real interest in them.  You’ll save your team thousands of dollars, hours and hours and you’ll create a team of winners who understand as great at the internet is… what’s greater is 2 human beings having an empowering conversation.

So check it out, memorize a couple of very short lists and you’ll be winning friends and influencing people… and, really, you’ll agree with 100% of what you’ve just read… especially if you use the simple method we showed you last week in building trust into local leads.


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