Attraction Marketing Fails for Networkers

The overused phrase “attraction marketing” really is a disaster for network marketers. It’s an expensive distraction that costs much and earns nothing.  On this blog I’m going to have to throw an “R-Rating” at you… it is not suitable for children, immature adults and all those morons encouraging you to buy their social media “tricks, secrets and hacks” to get prospects.

Attraction Marketing?

Really, where did the phrased Attraction Marketing come from?  It implies that until some genius came along that all people, for the last 2oo years tried NOT to attract people to buy their product, service, or come to their store.   Really?  Are people that dumb?  Certainly, no one reading this post 🙂

Let’s face it, the truth that is.

Why are networkers the highest-paid salespeople in the world?

Talent?  Nope

Hot product? Nope

Great pay plan versus traditional sales? Nope.

We are the highest-paid people in the world because we change people’s minds.

That’s it.  We change people’s minds and then we teach our teammates how to change people’s minds.  All solid network marketing training covers this… and we did in last week’s post.

Here’s the R-rated part.  2 of the top peddling gurus telling/selling you on attraction marketing… that they can show you “hacks” to get prospects, are spending in excess o $20,000 a month on social media.  Get it?  If what they are promising works so well, why are they spending $20,000 on what they claim they can show you for free?


There are 3 classifications…

  1. Suspects… these are names and numbers
  2. Possibilities… these are people who said they would look
    [best not believe them*]
  3. Prospects… these are people who have volunteered their reason for looking.

Attraction marketing [besides being bullshit] does not now nor will it ever find prospects.  What does?



There are no prospects on the planet.  None. Zero. Nill, Nada.

They remain suspects or possibilities until we talk to them.

Find your power and avoid your traps

What becomes “attractive” and why people what to join you… is you.

Putting them in pain and “showing them the asprin” is a terrible method.

Helping people feel good about themselves and helping them imagine [not you telling them] a little better, a little more, transparently makes you attractive.

After all… they join YOU… not your plan, product or company… and certainly not “attractive copy”.  You, they join you.

To be attractive… learn to talk to people from the heart and as you really are.

First, find out who you really are and what drives you… once you know who you really are, you can relate better and use the skills far more effectively. So, what drives you?  Click here


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

How to do it right…no attraction marketing needed.  Just 2 guys on our lanai







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  • This was fantastic! So many great take a ways to build my dreams!
    Thank You Guys! I loved it!

  • Great discussion. I admire people that have made it to the “other side” having achieved success.

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