Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing? It never ceases to amaze me how lazy and absent of common sense we can be.  What other kinds of marketing besides Attraction Marketing are there?  Do people really advertise so people will be repelled?  Good grief, what a pile of dog do-do…

Attraction Marketing

Attraction MarketingLet’s start with the Law of Attraction.  The Law is simple, that which we identify we tend to multiply.  Hold it long enough, a thought, and you’ll begin to draw it into your life… provided you take action on it or the ideas that will manifest it.  This is also known as The Law of Growth.  These two laws are one and the same.  What we think about grows.

What does that have to do with Marketing?  Nothing.  How these con artists peddling this nonsense by crossing over the primary law of the mind and selling is a classic con job.

Here’s how it works.  Here’s how attraction marketing cons like this work; their ‘stage direction’ … ALL cons start the same way.  Give the mark [sucker] your confidence, don’t ask them for theirs [yet]

  1. Cons give you their confidence [meaning? showing trust in you],  by sharing how they were suffering, lost and dismayed, [the old vulnerability line of crap]. By letting you know how a bad it was and how they struggled… you’ll notice lots of angles here.. from family to low self-esteem they felt to being broke to fears … blah-blah-blah.  Basically trying to connect with every viewer.
  2. Discover of something new, remarkable, that changed everything.  [no price yet]
  3. Now the virtue comes into play.  Subtle but for sure you’ll hear how they want to help others and teach you attraction marketing [or sales or both]  Telling you, for example how they have solved the “I want to think it over” frustration.  And you identify with the pain of that [it’s not painful, you just don’t know you close at the beginning, not the end] … and your curiosity elevates along with your hope.
  4. Wait for it… more about the amazing secret, [still no price], and how “attraction marketing” can do for you want it did for them.  After all, who wouldn’t want to learn how to post a few things so people were attracted and ready to drop their credit card down… Ut-oh.  And you won’t have to talk to someone, anyone!  Won’t have to bother your friends or relatives!   You’re suddenly agreeing.  The con is complete.
  5. Call to action… wallet opens and little do you know, you’re headed for upsells.


When we add in social media, oh boy, it really gets bad.  See, most networkers talked to a few people, got rejected and got their feelings hurt. Or fear stirred up.  Or both.

And now we’ve got some clowns preaching learning algorithms on Facebook, etc. to attract leads.  Same con.  Unwillingness to dial the phone and inexperience plus fear can make anyone vulnerable if we don’t use common sense.

Attraction Marketing
Learn [how to deceive] to brand yourself as an authority… just like me 🤞🏼
We’ve really hit the bottom of the barrel recently with “Branding” … courses leveraging the absurd Attraction Marketing idea, you’ve got to “brand yourself.”  Gotta give these bottom-feeders credit for the gall and disregard they have for people’s intelligence.  And, truth be told, they are excellent at the con.

But think about it… Buy my course and I’ll show you how to brand yourself as an expert … [and, wink-wink]  – wait for it – attract more of the right people.  Basically, if you’ve got your common sense hat on, it really says, “buy my course and I’ll teach you how to pretend to be something you are not.  In other words, learn to lie.  Do you get the guy/gal… or let’s just call it “a dirtbag”… do you get the dirtbag is selling a course on how to LIE so people will believe you are an expert while portraying themselves as an expert!  😂


Expecting a pitch now?  LOL… If you read this over from Dale Carnegie you’ll learn all you need to know to expand your network of possibilities and it’s free. No opt-in, no money, no Nuthin’ except the sound principles of decency.

It’s pretty simple to make it in network marketing… the word work is network marketing is a 👉clue

If we’re going to make some money, we need to learn some skills.  Begin by avoiding two big lies

1] You just have to find the right people [they are everywhere]

2] You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person or the wrong thing to the right person.

This video will be faster for you…

Want to recruit rejection free?  Talk to more people?  Have a better conversion and better conversations?  Learn this set of skills, free on this site 


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