Blog   Attraction Marketing Courses? Another Crock

They really want everyone’s money.

These clowns selling ‘attraction marketing’ courses are rapacious predators.

Folks, attraction marketing courses are a crock of bullshit….and the principles behind it, which are solid, have been so twisted to create a bogus market, its bewildering.

Reformatted by marketers to:

1] Broaden the base of customers

2] Make old as dirt concepts seem revolutionary…..all designed to leverage fear/inexperience with one thing in mind….

3] Your money.

This is the same group that wants to sell you courses on EVERYTHING:

  • Listening Skills Course [huh? shut mouth, pay 200 + bucks]
  • Asking Questions Course [Funny.  Want to save another $200?].  Try this method…….  ask people if the have any problems and what they are….shut ‘pie-hole’ ….then…..IF you can actually help them, ask this question “Would you like to do something about it?”  It works, it’s polite, IT IS HONEST and it makes it easy for you and the prospect.   I have a theory…..about that question……it is honest and there are only 2 possible answers.  If they don’t want to do anything about it, leave them alone.  I bless them and get off my butt and go talk to a few more folks.  I certainly don’t need to learn how to build a fake relationship to bring up the business and I certainly don’t need lessons on how to use the prospects words against them.  Here it is.  We are pitching people on our business, why pretend we are not?
  • Attraction Marketing Courses [Remember your Mom and Dad telling you about manners?  Send them the 200 bucks and 30 a month these bozo’s want from you so you are magically attractive…the 30 a month is to what?  To keep you from becoming ‘unattractive?’ :)]

Before we get to the principles behind it ….. let me explain what I mean by reformatted by marketers by asking you to slip out of your networking or internet marketing mindset for a moment.

Sometimes if you look at a principle as it appears in an example that does not affect us our prejudices vanish and it’s much easier to capture the concept.

Let’s look at the beverage industry.


Big Buzz word in marketing things like Gator-aid and it’s competitors.

Hydrate.  Bullshit

The word is…….and always will be THIRSTY.

When you are thirsty, drink something.

The word is THIRSTY……not hydrate. 🙂

Been going to the gym for 25 plus years……I bring a gallon jug with me.  I do cross training.  I drink about half of it at the gym and the other half during the day.

I don’t need to hydrate.  I drink water when I am thirsty.

Hydrate?  Give me a break.

But it sells a lot of over-priced sugar-and-water drinks that make people believe they will perform better.

They sell at lot of that crap…….that no one needs if they drink water and eat a piece of fruit or two.

OK, you get the point….let’s get back to ‘attraction marketing’ courses and apply the same principle.

Dale Carnegie wrote a book and developed a course call, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”


Here it is in a nutshell…free.

37  sentences, most 1/2 sentences.

And everything, and I mean everything you need to do to create an environment so folks will be more likely to like you, follow you, find you ‘attractive’ as a person is there.  Master a sentence a day.  Oh, did I mention it was free?

……and it’s all keyed in sentence 2 of the first 3 sentence portion of the outline, “Give honest and sincere appreciation.”

The key word, of course, is ‘honest.’

But a couple of marketers……who try to make a living by renaming classic material and claiming it as ‘revolutionary’…..coined the phrase, ‘attraction marketing’…..just like the beverage peddlers substituted ‘hydrate’ for ‘thirsty.’

They want us to believe they know the secret to ‘attracting’ people and the truth is their ‘work’ is disingenious……violating the very foundation of getting people to like you.  How ironic is that?

Besides that, and you and I are to blame for this, they make promises that are simply not true……..

The right people will be attracted to you and you’ll be overflowing with qualified prospects…….we are partly to blame because, as the only saying goes…..’you can’t cheat an honest man.’  And the honest person knows they need to talk to people, not build a trap, funnel or any other nonsense.   It’s work, not gimmicks.  And if we do the work…..golly gee…..our check goes up and what do you think happens next?  Authentic and earned attraction that is effortless……as a matter for fact the LESS SMOOTH we are …..more attractive we become… know?  If Mark can make that much I can too and a lot more…..he’s kind rude, outspoken and lazy 🙂

THE BAD NEWS…………if you haven’t attracted the right ones now….buying a site or course and believing in attraction marketing is not going to get it done ……

Let’s face facts:

  1. it never worked anyway
  2. learning how to be nice with a hidden agenda…..only attracts …drum roll please….people with hidden agendas  [the Law of Attraction is nothing more than this: like attracts like]

Before you buy one of these silly courses think “Rocky

Remember the movie “Rocky” …..he understood the law of attraction.

He is giving advice to a young girl and tells her, ‘you hang around with yo-yos, you get yo-yo friends, you hang around with smart people, you get smart friends‘……and that’s it.

Of course I have an agenda here.  The real problem I have with it is that …..and we proved it 2 weeks ago to make a point…..once you drop your dough……it is one upsell after another.

Made a bet with my friend Doug…..about at $197 course.   Our bet was on the number of upsells.  Course was about 5 hours, 2 webcasts.   Halairous.  First one was why you need this to find people….sold that hard…..very adriotly……second course was about the tools you need to set up a marketing system[s] to find them.  I won the bet with Doug…..5 upsells when we stopped counting, laughing too hard……all of course were affiliate programs…..

Attraction marketing courses follow the same model…..upsells……and distraction from the main thing.  Only it’s not just your downline……these bottom feeders are quite nasty and defensive……but the truth is they are what they are.  Looking to make money on everyone’s downline with material that is free.

As good friend Jimmy Bartlett likes to say, “If they are so good at it and have so many leads why don’t they build a downline?”  Silence or the usual……we want to help everyone, we love teaching and don’t join anything so we can be impartial.  Bullshit.  Even my blind 88-year-old Mom can see that.

Why are there so many suckers for this ‘attraction marketing’ and poorly plagiarized material?

First……it appeals to the slothful & microwave crowd…and we can all be a little lazy and ‘want it right now’ if we don’t understand it’s a business.  Second, another way to not pick up the phone……they’ll come to me.  Third, it feels good to BS ourselves into thinking we can attract people to us by ‘pretending’ to be nice…..or better yet…..get a website that proves we are nice and attracts people to us who are interested in networking and are like-minded.  Gimme a break.

Believe in it?  Great.  As my friend Tom Holden [million dollar earner +] likes to say, “how’s that working for you?”

I rest my case.

Before I go any further……I am not saying no one has anything to offer……I am saying these folks who trying and suck cash out of every organization on the globe can be quickly seperated from the real thing if we do some work…..

Once you get through these PROVEN methods …..provided FREE……you’ll know why I am writing what I am writing and more importantly you’ll be able to make great choices with the money you invest in yourself.  50 Free Books, no upsells

Carnegie’s classic gets down to one simple thought……’Be nice, people will like you.’  What an amazing concept.  His material gives us all some pointers on how to be nice.

My Mom called it manners.

Coach Wooden said, “Respect the rights of other before your own feelings and the feelings of others before your rights.”

And learning what to do from Dale to be nicer and using Wooden’s tough but elegant idea to temper our hidden motives will teach each of us more about ourselves and leading others than some buzz word marketers can.


What they are selling is a lie……that prospects will flock to you…….and …….clearly, they are trying to sell something that the Master Teacher gave away, the Golden Rule, 2000 years ago.

Skills, how to talk to people…….not how to listen so we can use their words against them …..will attract the leaders in your group to you.


Your honesty and sincerity will awaken the sleeping giants within the reps who are in your group now…..and that will inspire action……

Action, not attraction is where the money is.

The big money is awakening those sleeping giants by being more attractive to be around.

After all, once you learn the skills and teach them, they can create prospects on demand.


Don’t let them buy nonsense…..let them know the truth….action, not attraction, is the requirement.

Hydration is a gimmick.

Attraction Marketing is a gimmick.

Consider Coach Wooden urging us to ‘consider the rights of others before our feeling.’

Sure, we all want to make it big….we imagine that and have a ‘feeling’ about it.

But isn’t obvious that using ‘gimmicks’ to attract people is a violation of their right to honest transactions?

Don’t fall for it, don’t let your team fall for this ‘feel good’ nonsense that will not build a business.

Want to attract a ton of people?

Go get the biggest, fattest check you can.

When people ask you how you did it tell them the truth and ask them to join.

Just like this…..and tell me, if you would, if you believe this would be attractive to you.

“I learned what to say and do, I practiced a lot for about 2 days and I did a little work everyday.  I can show you how and will match your effort.  So what would be easier for you Ms. prospect?  To let someone who is succeeding work with daily or to keep doing what you are doing?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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