Are you deft?

I had a great teacher who told me to looking everything up.

Make sure you know exactly what each word means,” he’d bellow.

I would kinda fluff it off as I had important things to do in college……like hang out at the coffee shop or frat house.

He stops me one day and tells me that a lot of the kids in the class had some decent skills but the near misses with key words made potentially great papers just average.

“It’s about communication, not being a pain.”

I remembered the look in his eye for some reason. For years.

Once I got serious about networking those eyes popped into my head again.


We gotta get folks trained and if we do a good job communicating, with precision, they’ll do better and everyone makes more money.

So deft. Let’s define it first.

Deft: characterized by facility and skill.

Now here is the really cool part about networking or sales. Once you’ve started saving time, [3 previous blogs], you’ve got an edge on your competition and yourself.

This business is about skill, not talent. And you don’t need this BIG HUGE heart or a lot of persistence. Well, actually, we do need heart and persistence if we don’t know what we really need.

It is a skill based business, more on this over the next few days. If we’re going to make money we need to learn a couple of skills.

The thing I love, love, love about home based businesses, particularly networking, is the skills we need to make a big difference income wise are easy ones. And we only need a couple, two or three, to get to $10,000 a month.

BUT…..if we are not DEFT, we are in for a lot of motivational stuff, self-help CDs …blah, lah, blah…so we’ll hang in there.

Shhhhh…….Here’s a little shortcut I discovered years ago and by basing all decisions on this DEFT Formula, things have gone really well.

The closer I adhere to it the less I work and the more I make. Go figure.

D ~ Duplicate-able. We need to be certain that what we are doing can really be duplicated.

Always a debate about what is and what isn’t until The Fabulous Davene coined the phrase, “If a 10 year old can’t do it, don’t do it.”

Live by this statement for 30 days.  Everybody says once they commit to it their business grows.  hmmmmm

Do nothing that a 10 year old cannot not do. You’ll grow.

And, by the way, 10 year olds can make 3-ways.

E ~ Effective I love the line in the movie City Slickers where Daniel Stern says, “yeah, we’re lost but we’re making great time.”

Make sure what you set in motion is effective. Too much time is put into being efficient. Don’t worry about how to be efficient until you are effective. Today I got my 10th or 11th ‘offer’ to keep my social networking stuff organized. Geez, give me a break.

Looks like a lot of work. Big market out there as folks begin to overwhelm themselves with more ‘stuff’ and gadgets.

Is what you are doing in networking effective? Are we finding actual reps? Why worry about efficiency if it’s not effective?

The question are you buying stuff, looking at stuff etc, to keep other stuff organized [being efficient] at keeping stuff the does not advance your business down the field? Constantly check to see if what you are doing works ~ effective ~ before worrying about being efficient with it.

F ~ Fast Most people start part-time. Make sure what you are teaching is 3XFAST .

1. It can be done fast.
2. It can be done by new people fast
3. It duplicates fast

T ~ Teachable Like it or not, you’re gonna be a teacher if you are going to grow. I wrote about people “Buying the leader before buying the vision'” right? Well, that is you.

1. Teach it to people
2. Teach them to teach it to people
3. Teach them how to teach others to teach.

This really is the definition of duplication. And, if others can’t learn it, they can’t teach it meaning you cannot duplicate.

Try examining every single thing you do with the DEFT Formula as the criteria.

Everybody says it makes the decisions they make really easy.

Be deft.

mark januszewski
World’s laziest Networker

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