Do these sound like creative words?

It sounds like war or trash talking on a football field……

All words come from emails/sites from people telling to sell me how I can ……. do things like this to the competition

Here’s 10






Top Secret




Is networking a war?  Gimme a break….

I think if Billy Joel were writing the song ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ right now……the last line may be different.

Current version

Rock & Roller Cola wars, I can’t take it anymore!”

Today’s version

Guru Secrets, Lead Source Wars, I can’t it anymore!

Just got an email that pushed me over the edge

Untold Lethal Secrets

Does anyone besides the people buying this stuff find it as idiotic and as stupid as I do?

Here’s another beaut!

The most POWERFUL system on PLANET EARTH

Do these guys already have systems on other planets?

Look, no bully pulpit today.  Gonna buy that stuff?….. great, God Bless…..but…..and this is a BIG BUT…..

But don’t buy into that style.

Don’t knock the industry, other companies or pay plans.

Look, it’s great that you think your pay plan is the best but we’re all making a big mistake by talking, in any way, that erodes the industry in general.


Know a great company.  It’s doing great……then…….Stalled here in the USA.

Company brought in a couple experts, to unify the field…… Ut-Oh……

First thing they do, every time they spoke, for months, is rip other pay plans.

Public Relations 101 ….we learn this lesson in the first day of a public relations class….Don’t knock your own industry and knocking other companies is knocking your industry…

We learn in PR101….the more specific you get in knocking other companies [the plan, the owners etc.], the worse the effect.

This is poor taste and deleterious to everyone.  For goodness sake.

Now the leaders have picked up the pattern and are slamming one another’s ideas about building.  New reps that come in are confused and foced to ‘pick a side’ instead of choose from several great options to build. It’s a mess.

When you rip other companies or plans……you are ripping your industry and, in essence, saying …..”we are the only ones doing it right.”

This does not work.  Why?

It’s not creative, it is destructive.

In networking the objective is to ‘create’ a group, more volume, a dream and dreams for other… can’t be destructive if you want to be creative

Sell the industry first…..How?  compliment, compliment, compliment…..

Sell the industry you are promoting within the GREAT industry……

Sell your team, training  and what both have done for you…..LEAVE OUT THE DETAILS

They are in.


Everyone wants to be a part of something BIGGER…..creative is BIGGER……combative is SMALLER


Networking is a viable and wealth building industry, would it be OK if I told you why?  [that is the magic phrase..would it be OK if…]

they say yes…..reply…..because ……….2 or 3 simple bullet points……details? NO

I chose the health and nutrition segment, would it be OK if I told you why?  Same pattern

…….I chose this team, would it be OK if I told you why?

Look at those statements again…..slowly….

You judge….are the CREATIVE or DESTRUCTIVE?

Promote, promote, promote…..

If they are in another deal and decide to stick with theirs…..compliment, compliment then compliment even more…..make a friend……don’t knock their program no matter what you think…..don’t put them on the defensive.

2 people this week are enrolling that called us ……who we spoke to months ago……

Complimented their choice to be in MLM…..complimented their niche industry and said we heard good things about the product…….by not burning the bridge, it was easy and inviting for them to cross……sent them, from time to time emails about leadership, skills, the industry……nothing about us, our deal or why they should look…..supported their choice.

No war terms…..Our plan blows your plan away……we will DOMINATE……yours sucks……our pays more…..none of that crap.

When we bury companies, we bury the industry and, to prospects, we don’t sound much different than a crazy person telling everyone else they are nuts.

Folks….IT’S NEGATIVE…….who would it attract if anyone? Negative people…….

Which way do you go? This way…..

Amway?  Thank goodness for Richie DeVoss…..he risked everything he had to fight the Supreme Court and make opportunity available for all of us.  No Anway, no MLM.

Prime America?…..Art Williams was incredible…..listen to him all the time

Mary Kay?  Leveled the playing field and created a ‘no excuses’ mentality for women, she rocks.

Or do you go this way…..

Amway?  Puh-leeze…..everyone loses money in that crappy pay plan

Prime America?  Selling life insurance sucks, plus you gotta sell insurance, get a license and then sell network marketing

Mary Kay?  Oh, yeah……all that inventory, selling, collecting money and bothering your friends about lipstick? no thanks.

There are only two types of reps…..those who understand we are trying to inspire and create and live in a creative state and those who try to build by being destructive, come from fear and think they are the only ones doing it right

Negative people are not creative.

How about you?

Give 10 compliments today…..a nice shirt, a cool hat on a little kid, your husband for taking out the trash, someone choice about where to plant their MLM flag……and see how you feel at the end of the day.

I’ll start…..Thank you for checking out this blog post, obviously you are someone who wants to learn, improve and be more effective.

I appreciate you stopping by


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark thanks for sharing your wisdom…You are always on target. Love your blog. You Rock!

  • Thanks Mark for your wisdom, it’s always right on target. I look forward to your blog. You Rock!

  • Geez, Mark… You are (to this newcomer anyway) setting the “gold standard” to which I think all others attempting to “influence” or train should aspire. Thank you for keeping the hyperbole out of your material and for spreading truth around the blogosphere.

    I already “knew” but am again and again reminded that I was blessed when I was led to you.

  • I came across your blog through Facebook. Gotta say, I love your stuff. Keep it up!


  • Here’s one of my 10 for today…Thank you Mark and Davene for the time and effort you both put into these trainings and blogs…they have been a blessing for my team and me…your honesty and integrity are so refreshing!

  • negative people are not only not creative
    but they’re probably broke too.

    You have to have repect for your team and believe the leaders are honest, ethical people.

    Alarms should go off in our heads when we see or hear someone act in a way that goes against our character.
    Okay, product,plan,company. I get it
    People who tell the truth. Priceless

  • Thanks man……

    We’ll have the trainings about doing meetings in 30 minutes posted shortly…..turns out you were right again Walt 🙂

  • Nice job! Something I always teach my own team. Never bash someone else’s product, company, team, etc. Always help the industry grow.

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks Dawn……

    So nice of you to stop by…..

    keep growing and teaching all those good things…..

    Women seem to get this concept quicker than us guys ! 🙂

    It seems like your team is in GREAT hands

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