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For some I am too fast and for others I am too slow.

Some people have too much of me while some have too little.

People want to make more of me, then they want to stop me.

I never tell stories but I am in every story.

Sometimes you want me to go faster, sometimes you want me to slow down.

What am I?

Need a hint?

I never speak but my hands say a lot about me.

Need another hint?  Non-producing reps use me as an excuse for procrastination.

OK, you got it, right?  Let me tell you a story that might create some more time for you, might not.  It helped create enough time for me to realize my dreams in 12 months while still delivering seafood and raising the kids.

When I started successfully networking in 1993-94 I was raising 2 kids on my own and delivering seafood 70+ hours a week.  And, I was broke.  I really, really needed MLM to work for me.  And it was not.

“I want it bad, I just don’t have the time with work and the kids, church…..” and I was telling the truth.  Well, it was my truth anyway.  Leaders hear that all the time, non-producing reps say it all the time.

My upline urged, begged, pleaded and coaxed me to going to a Super Saturday, [shouldn’t we be able to come up with a better name?], and see this Top Earning couple.  I believe it was 1994.

So, Tony Bowling and his equally talented wife Pam show up at a Marriott and their story and sincerity blew me away.  Like a lot of folks, I wanted to shake their hand.  It was polished but not a show ~ just straight talk from the heart.  Turns out they were as broke as I was and now they were making BIG BIG money.  The humility got to me so I hung around….for a long time….and after all the glad handing I spoke with Tony.

We had something in common, lots of things actually, and there was an instant connection.  Here is how I created 15 more hours a week for my business and 10 more hours a week for the kids.  The extra time made me a better dad, friend, networker and, really, a better person.

“Tony, loved what you said on stage.”


“OK, look, I been around.  What’s the real secret?  What do I really have to do?”

“Exactly what I shared, nothing more, nothing less.”

“Come on man,” I say, like he’s holding the real truth back. [Funny how non-producers always believe that].

“Oh, I get it.” says Tony.  “You’re not ready.”

Several exchanges take place.  I am practically begging.  OK, I am begging.

“Well, I said it on stage but most people miss it.  If I tell you and you don’t do it things will get awkward between us and I don’t want that.  So here is my number.  Think it over and call me when your sure you’ll follow the suggestion.”

“I’m sure!”

“Call me.”  The S.O.B. gives me this Hollywood smile and walks off.  I’m pissed.

I call a few days later.  Same response.  I am passed pissed now, swearing going on in my head…… but I ain’t gonna let Tony know.

This goes on for a while and finally one night Tony says he’s going to take a risk and tell me.  He values our friendship ~ he says ~  so it feels like a risk to him.

“Are you really ready to do whatever it takes?” ……. “yes Tony I am”

“I told everyone at the Super Saturday that Pam and I turned our TV to the wall.  Remember?”


“Where are you now?”

“In the living room.”

“Turn the TV so it faces the wall.”

“Any more TV’s in the house?”

“One in my bedroom and one in my daughter’s room.”

Tony tells me to turn them around. I do.

Of course I told Tony several times that I don’t watch that much TV.  He chuckles.

I tell him that again once the TVs are all turned around.  Tony laughs and tells me to get some scissors if I really want to make 10,000 a month.

So I do.  “Got ’em Tony. Why do I need these?”

Go cut the plug off every TV.”  I want to tell this guy a thing or two but I did not.  I did cut the plugs.  I remember feeling this: how can something that feels so stupid feel so correct?

The rest is history, as they say.  I had more time for everything, the important things in life and my business too.

I have been carrying Tony & Pam’s message for years.  Only met 2 people who did what I did.  Both multiple 6 figure earners.  Go figure.

Here is why people won’t/don’t do it.

The average person watches 47 ~ you read that right ~ 47 hours of TV a week.   But, they are ALL in denial.

The Fabulous Davene and I added up, to the best of our ability, just LIVE trainings we’ve done.  We figure conservatively we’ve spoken to 120.000 people ~ from rooms of 50 to rooms of 10,000+.

NEVER – not once ~ has anyone ever admitted to watching anywhere CLOSE to 47 hours of TV [and by the way, goofing around on Facebook, etc., and pretending your prospecting is the same time vampire, so add that in].

Never, ever, not one time.  What are the odds of speaking to 100,000+++ and never meeting an average person?

Tony Bowling, a pair of scissors and the inner voice telling me to cut the cords overruling my head changed my life.  It can change yours…..but… probably don’t think you watch TV and surf the internet 47 hours a week.  The Fabulous Davene, my bride has an answer for you.

If you’re not watching that much then cutting the cords till you get to $10,000 is not big deal, right?  I love that woman.

I recently caught up with Tony, still cranking along at  high multiple 6 figure income with the lovely Pam and still preaching ‘The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”  Its a lot easier to do that if we quit watching TV and surfing the web.

I wonder how many lives we could all touch if we got out of denial about TV and the Web.  I know, I know… don’t do either of those very much.

So if everyone we’ve spoken to is so above average that TV is below them, shouldn’t there be a lot more $10,000 a month earners ~ or 40,000 plus earners like Tony & Pam?

hmmmm….now there is a really tough riddle, eh?

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mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

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