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Stone Made Hill Rich


There is no question that my first job out of college had a profound effect on me…..I only wish, and I mean really, really wish…I knew what an immense gift I was given.

It was my [unknown] privilege to work for W. Clement Stone.  Stone was Napoleon Hill’s friend and the truth is that it was Stone who really pushed Hill to dramatic wealth.

Stone and Hill wrote a lot of books together and started successful businesses….massive income by helping others…..and it as Stone who drove the deals….not Hill.  Because of the absence of ego, with either, the merging of great minds worked…..and they really, when you get down to it…changed the financial destiny of more people that anyone…….and set an awful lot of today’s self-helper’s up for success…..

Above all there was one thing the great man, Mr. Stone was able to get through this thick and at the time, young, cocky mind… did not come into play until much later in life…..but that was me just being difficult…..and not understanding the power…..the incredible power of knowing the difference between accomplishment and achievement…

Let me compress it into 3 minutes for you…..


And here you go…….Think and Grow Rich ….it’s free and there’s not stupid upsells…….take that and learn this simple, free network marketing skill about being a great story teller…..and your success is going to be bigger than you can think…..after all, we all love stories……so learn how to be a better story teller so as your story unfolds, your story of achievement….you’ll capture their attention and your message will reach their head and touch their heart.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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