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We cannot fix what we deny …

This is really a 2 part series, I’ll have part 2 up for you tomorrow and I want to make sure that you stop back…it’s important.

So what’s this 2 part series about?

2015 and your success.

Let's Kill The Phone Chicken First, Then Plan
Let’s Kill The Phone Chicken First, Then Plan

About 15 years ago I discovered something remarkable about us…all of us human beings.   And simply by using 9 words before you plan out 2015, it will create an entirely different and positive mindset as you map out a winning strategy.

This is huge…we had our annual planning meeting Monday and it was incredible…because of 9 words that set a positive, creative tone…it was amazing and, turthfully, it happens every year.   And, again, last year, 2014, was a record shattering year for us.  So will 2015.

But, before we can plan, we’ve got to address fear first.

If you build a great plan using the method I’ll share with you tomorrow, what good will it do you if fear prevents you from executing.

So, Part 1 is eliminating fear.   Notice I am not saying “overcoming” fear…I’m saying, if you just let your guard down and get completely honest, you too can permantly eliminate fear.

Here you go….and if you’ll say “yes” to rigorous honesty, the phone chicken will die.



OK, hit this blog tomorrow and we’ll help you set up the perfect plan….just think of it.  Starting 2015 with a winning, creative plan and zero fear.

Learn this skill first…and  PPPPP….it does not appear on the site, no upsell at the end….made us 7 figures, PPPPP baby, PPPPP!

You’re not lazy, right?

You’ll find a host of free networking skills by clicking on the tab above that says, Free Networking Skills.

Don’t forget, now that honesty is “in” and fear is “out” to jump on this blog tomorrow and I’ll share those 9 words and help you learn to help yourself build a plan for 2015 that will have you on the beaches of the world.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post

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