Blog   Emerson’s “Law of Compensation” Makes or Breaks All MLMers


I’ve thought about this a lot……really.


No, not what I want to share with you ….it really, no kidding, will make or break all of us……I think about it between 2-3 hours a day, in one from or another.

Based the last 18 or so years of our lives, not just our business, on it.

It is the only path to more people sponsoring more permanently in your MLM group.

My dilemma is not about the material…..but should I write a lot about a great writer, commenting on what he means… who has more than a ‘profound’ impact. Feels odd ‘explaining’ what the writer means…..hmmmmmm

Wifey, the Fabulous Davene, had a great answer …… “Honey, maybe all the great readers of your stuff [and, believe me, we so appreciate you all], would appreciate fewer written words once in a while.”

Love that woman…..

I promise…….this is not just the path to the riches in life… will, if executed daily, blow you away.



Hope I didn’t offend you by telling you to ‘look up’ words you don’t understand. That’s not really what I meant…..not quite.

I mean if you don’t know precisely, exactly what a few words mean…….do it……look them up.

Most networkers won’t take the time to read and understand this simple, powerful, life changing truth….so that’s cool because you can cross them off the list of competitors……

There is no doubt, none what-so-ever, that the blessings in our lives are driven by this short essay.

We read it…..we “got it” …..and so have the tiny handful of folks who read it, daily for a while…and put it in play.

They “got it” then success followed…..Leads do not build leaders……nor new-fangled systems, funnels or any other nonsense…..and, as a by-product, you’ll love the way you feel about yourself, your business and your future, really, will never be in doubt.

Think it’s worth a read?

I promised the link… here you go, Law of Compensation


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing


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