Ralph Waldo Emerson

Very Odd Feeling Indeed

I’ve thought about this a lot, really.


No, not what I want to share with you …it really, no kidding, will make or break all of us.  I think about it between 2-3 hours a day, in one form or another.

Based the last 18 or so years of our lives, not just our business, on it.

It is the only path to more people sponsoring more permanently in your MLM group.

My dilemma is not about the material, but should I write a lot about a great writer, commenting on what he means.  One who has more than a ‘profound’ impact.  Feels odd ‘explaining’ what the writer means…

Wifey, the Fabulous Davene, had a great answer. “Honey, maybe all the great readers of your stuff (and, believe me, we so appreciate you all) would appreciate fewer written words once in a while.”

Love that woman…

I promise this is not just the path to the riches in life.  It will, if executed daily, blow you away.



Hope I didn’t offend you by telling you to ‘look up’ words you don’t understand. That’s not really what I meant… not quite.

I mean if you don’t know precisely, exactly what a few words mean, do it, look them up.

Most networkers won’t take the time to read and understand this simple, powerful, life-changing truth.  That’s cool because you can cross them off the list of competitors.

There is no doubt, none what-so-ever, that the blessings in our lives are driven by this short essay.

We read it. We “got it”, and so have the tiny handful of folks who read it, daily for a while… and put it in play.

They “got it” then success followed.  Leads do not build leaders, nor new-fangled systems, funnels or any other nonsense.  And, as a by-product, you’ll love the way you feel about yourself, your business and your future, really, will never be in doubt.

Think Emerson’s Law of Compensation is worth a read?

I promised the link… so here you go, Law of Compensation


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing


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  • I want to give more.

    How do I do that when I am so distracted by debt, financial losses and bills piling up.

    I will begin to give what I can and desire to give more.

    Thanks for the focus on what is good.

  • I want to give more.
    How do I do that when I am so distracted by debt, financial losses and bills piling up.
    I will begin to give what I can and desire to give more.
    Thanks for the focus on what is good.

  • Daniel,

    To give does not always have to mean money. You can give of your talents. A simple smile to a person in need of one. Hold a door open to a stranger. Something little from you could be something big to somebody else.


  • It is not just networkers who won’t/can’t read. Video and TV and every other lazy way to absorb material separates those who will from those who won’t/can’t. Will meaning to decide or determine: “Others debate, but the king wills.”

  • Emerson’s law is easy to comprehend, but applying it on the ground is a journey. You might even say it’s the Hero’s Journey. I’ve been working at this for over a year, and I feel like I’ve managed to inscribe a very small arc of that circle, to use Emerson’s words. Thanks for encouraging us to stay on the path!

  • Aloha Daniel….

    You are describing me! The answer you seek is already within you….the essay is the map to that spot within

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • […] Ok, so now I’m on a roll, ha ha…… I emailed someone else (another total stranger) to ask if they would be willing to give me some advice on another idea I’ve been mulling over. Again I received a prompt, positive, helpful response and was invited to contact them anytime if I had any more questions! What have I learnt this week? Most fears are unfounded. People are generally nice, helpful, generous and kind. When you give more you get more just like Mark J says in his blog ‘Very odd feeling Indeed’ […]

  • Hey Mark – great post!

    There was a point in my life about 10 years ago when I was flat broke. I took out some payday loans to try to get caught up, and soon found myself in over my head. I had 2 or 3 payday loans out and I couldn’t pay them off – I just had to renew them. I was a young husband and had a 2 year old son. I felt so ashamed at allowing myself to get to that point. What kind of man was I? So I fell into depression and despair, feeling sorry for myself. At this point of utter frustration, I knew I had to change my thought about it – I knew that I was headed in the wrong direction. I turned to prayer. But I didn’t ask for divine intervention, I didn’t ask to be bailed out. I simply asked to be shown the abundance that I knew was already there. I had been operating from a standpoint of lack and limitation, and it was time to turn my gaze in a different direction. I was then given a crystal clear answer: “GIVE MORE” How could I give if I didn’t have anything to give? Well the truth was, I had plenty to give. How many smiles did I have? I had a huge bank of smiles. How many kind deeds did I have? I could certainly give more kindness. I went to work that day intent on giving more – basically, giving more love to everyone I met. And that’s really what it’s all about. I didn’t have any money, but I certainly had a lot of love, and it was always there. So I spent the entire day being more helpful at my job, helping my co-workers instead of hiding in my office, helping my customers, doing more. And you know what? At the end of the day I didn’t feel tired. I felt ENERGIZED. My feet didn’t hurt. I was ready to go another round! I did it again the next day. People started to take notice. One guy asked me “What happened to you? You act like you just won the lottery!” LOL – well, I was still broke. But I had a different perspective on it, and I had a deep confidence that something was about to change. The next week, I got news of a completely unexpected windfall of over $30,000. Immediately, all my credit card bills were paid off, my payday loans were paid off, and every other bill that was on the back burner. I don’t attribute this to luck or coincidence. It was a change of confidence. I got my mind OFF of myself and my problems, and looking towards the abundance that was already present – and then it was quickly manifested as a financial expression. That was a huge learning experience for me. This is why gratitude is so important! So thank you for sharing Emerson’s Law of Compensation. Just like gravity, it works every time. Thanks for all that you give my friend!

  • It’s all true. I read this essay five times before I knew I really got it. There are so many thoughts in it and it all winds around and around until you come back to the idea that it is about giving more and more. Honestly, even if all you do is give and you never see a single material reward,you will know in yourself that your inner growth is so large it can’t even be measured. Beautiful.

  • Powerful message, Mark! I love it! This is my second time watching this and a light bulb just went on- I recently started my own on-line marketing efforts and before watching this, I would gladly benefit from great insight like what you provide on a regular basis. But I never really cared much to comment or share. Well it just hit me now that if I want people to like, comment, and share my content, I should do that first for others! Hence, I’m writing this comment now and will forever remember this lesson and try to engage more with future content I benefit from! Thank you!

  • Awesome story Chappy, thanks for sharing. I have a similar experience of climbing out of debt, however, ours took 4 yrs. crazy thing is now, like you, we have a story to share with others. I have several friends that I am able to sow into their lives right now and assist them on their journey.

  • Give more without looking for reciprocity, giving an anonymous gift is the best gift you will ever receive

  • Thanks Mark! I’m ready to buckle down and get serious about building a team the right way! And for what it’s worth, I was drinking a cup of coffee while watching the video. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and backyard!


  • This is about as easy to understand as Dianetics. I read one paragraph and have no clue what it says.

  • Aloha, Mark.

    May not be “politically correct”, but you have again reminded me that everything I need to know is in God’s Word. He who would be first must be last; the weak will be made strong; the master must become servant…

    Not only does this apply to the “business” reasons we follow you, but should apply to our lives every day, moment to moment. Emerson’s Law of Compensation is applicable today because the basis for it is eternal.


  • Aloha Chris….

    I understand…and candidly, struggled…..most people won’t take the time, read, look words up in the dictionary…..that does not matter…..

    There are 2 types of MLMers…..the ones who do the work and the ones who want it done for them….I empathize with you Chris, I really do….and it was hard reading for me for about a week….within a month it was easy, I knew what it meant and everything changed….

    The tough part about America? We’ve been a little spoiled, instant gratification geared…..want what we want without challenges or inconvience….

    The great part about America? We have a choice

    Wishing you Godspeed with your choice

    mark j

  • Hi Mark, Great essay. Understood most. Exactly what I chatted to my daughter about yesterday. Be a presence in someone’s life not necessarily giving presents/money.
    You’re fab. Thanks for sharing. Glenda

  • OH, WOW! This is life-changing! I’ve KNOWN about this principle before, but never was it in my face like this before. It made me THINK about all the things I’ve neglected to do for others because I was so focused on myself! I’m older, feel like I’m starting all over with life, have a life-time of catching up, but now I have the confidence and the tools to get to my finish line in record time–not missing a beat in my life! I can do this now!

    Thank you Mark and Davene!

  • Mark J

    I am getting to the point where I give without think of “give to get” Isn’t it a wonderful feeling?

    YOUR storehouse will never be empty!

    Love and Blessings to you.

  • You are so right Glenda….

    We can give a prayer, love, hope, kindness…..and get ourselves in that marvelous flow of giving and receiving …..

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • […] No one individual can do this alone… A man cannot speak but he be judged himself first; with his will, or against his will, he draws his portrait (his character) to the eye of his companions by his every spoken word. Every opinion given… comes back onto him who utters an opinion unsolicited… best that you hold your opinions instead, become the observer of the conversations around you. This was another valuable lesson learned from this weeks MKMMA reading from Emerson’s Essay on Compensation. […]

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