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For two decades I’ve heard, just like you, that more and more professionals are coming into MLM.

And, for 2 decades….well….you know… they just don’t show up in droves…if at all.

Professionals Are Pouring into MLM
Professionals Are Pouring into MLM

Turns out it’s kind of a “big lie”….I mean if professionals are ALWAYS coming but never do….could we say it’s one of those “hope” lies?   Meaning….we “hope” they’ll start showing up and people keep saying it…..but they never really surface.

Why is that?

Recently myself and The Fabulous Davene ventured off Kauai to the mainland…Grand Canyon for whitewater rafting…Vegas to train at a convention….Oakland to see the Red Sox on Sunday … then on to Seattle see our Sox play on Monday night.   David Evans, attorney at law and his bride, Dala, were kind enough to pick us up early and show us around Pike’s Public Market [a must see if you visit Seattle] ….

Their organization does over 5 million a year in volume…..and….unlike most MLMers, David is NOT working 10-14 hours a day.  He caps his work week at 16 hours.  Period.

How did they do it?  And, of course….more importantly to you…how do you sponsor professionals into your group as easily as we did?   As easily as David does?

As we chatted over lunch I realized the nuggets of gold were just to valuable to die at the table and David, a master key member,  graciously agreed to do an “off the cuff” interview….

Listen closely, get over some of the background noise…..and you’ll find the key to sponsoring professionals along with some pure gold



It’s an illusion that professionals have a better life…some do, some don’t….some want more money….some don’t want more money but they’d sure like more time and less stress.

Just like a waitress, secretary or seafood delivery person [like I was]…

So the question isn’t whether or not they have the same feelings and desires….the question is why are people “intimidated” by a doctor, lawyer or school principle?

If we really believe MLM is below them….we should sell off our inventory and quit.


It means we don’t really believe in what we are doing…and if that’s the case, quit.

I’ve always been proud of MLM…proud to be a networker.   Conversely, I’ve don’t feel that people that work for others are below me or dumb….a lot of MLMers feel that way, actually chastising people who work for a living as being dumb or stupid….sadly, especially from leaders, we hear it all the time.  Good grief…that is really dumb.

Respect all occupations…valuing none above or below …and you’ll find professionals more in tune with a “Plan B” than most…they know if they are not working, they are not earning.

The stress of their lives usually means less time with the family and, to make up for it, they spend more…American’s are poor savers and have above average debt…professionals are NOT exempt from this cultural behavior …and they have something going for them that is huge.

Really huge.

Professionals Are Looking For Leverage...
Professionals Are Looking For Leverage…

One of the biggest obstacles we face when sponsoring people is their personal, internal belief system about what they are worth.  While many claim to want to make 6-figures, the belief is not there….and without belief, it is not going to happen….professionals like David have zero blocks in believing they can make well in excess of 6-figures.

When I would sponsor people I’d immediately get them a copy of Think and Grow Rich and work through the 13 steps to riches, one week at a time.

Why?   Belief they are worth more than they are making……with professionals?   No effort is required to build belief and they have bigger roledex’s …..and influence on those names.

Hope that bigger list and influence is an “aha” moment…..I mean, isn’t that exactly what you are looking for?   A big list and someone who has strong. positive influence over that list?

The the real reason professionals don’t join in droves?

We simply aren’t talking to them.

How do you feel about talking to pros?   Let me know below and thanks for sharing the love …. you readers have ranked our blog 18th in the world for MLM.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing

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