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Rags to Riches Interviews: Multilevel Marketing Leaders

Written by Peter Han, a Harvard grad, and the result of interviewing over 100 ‘Nobodies’ who became ‘Somebodies’ …is the resource, not an opinion.  And it is a great piece of work for anyone who wants to know – what does leadership mean?


What is very cool is folks who understand leadership attributes seem to be better leaders.  I know that may sound like I am stating the obvious but the truth is too much of the time people rely on ‘ability’ or ‘copy’ other leaders, thinking it is a good thing.  And, honestly, it may be but it’s unlikely to be a great thing.

That is the interesting question – what are you – what am I doing to learn to lead?

While there are some good books out there, nothing, and I am sure you’d agree, is better than folks who went from rags to riches.  Peter Han’s book will give you more about the folks, but everything from entertainers to politicians.  Just a fabulous mix of personalities and this is what they have in common.

Take a little self-discovery quiz.

Give yourself 0… 5… or 10 for each one.

o means you simply need to develop this.

5 means you’ve begun to develop it but need improvement.

10 means you are spot on it.

Give yourself 30 points for investing in reading about leadership and scoring yourself honestly.

So.that would make a perfect score of 100.

Let us know how you did and get this to your leaders and newbies alike.

1. Strong Self Awareness

They made decisions about their careers — with significant self-knowledge, stemming from instinct or introspection. Their understanding of their own likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses were particularly insightful.

The 100 Somebodies broke free from their initial about life and work, ideas that may have been instilled by parents or early childhood experiences.

Rather than relying automatically on advice and direction from others, they took that deep journey of self-discovery, like the remarkable Kathy Zimmer did with the Master Key System, they seem to break free from the ‘normal’ idea of how life works.


2. Play Towards Strengths and Away from Weaknesses

Han’s key discovery here is that winners are honest about what they are not good at.  They don’t blame, fib or cover up in any way.  They increase strength and leverage it into a huge advantage.

My 20 years has taught me one thing about most networkers, that is the one thing that kills them… ego.


3. Authenticity and Integrity

Authenticity is a character thing.  Integrity is a ‘do what you said you were going to do.’

While short cuts by bending these 2 things are tempting to some people, true leadership, nobody-to-somebody types, are never even tempted.

Despite what the ‘gurus’ tell you networking is NOT a sprint.  It’s a marathon and you are the genuine article or you are not.

Do you do what you say you are going to do with your team?

Do you do what you say you are going to do with yourself?  Ah, that is the biggie.


4. Pragmatic Decision-Making Processes

Rags-to-riches types are decisive and those decisions, for the most part, are not emotional ones.

Oh, they get emotionally involved AFTER but are detached while making decisions.

How about you?

Do you get off the phone with reps who just want to gab and get something going, or do you stay on the phone, gab for a while then blame?

Do you ‘decide’ on a plan… or sort of let the day ‘flow’?

People that decide tend to make things happen.


5. Pay the Rent First, Conquer the World Later

While visions of sugar plums dance in our heads…  With all the Internet hype, companies telling you it is ‘safe to dream again’ and seeing others like you make money, it is really easy to feel frustrated and believe ‘if I could go full time I know I could be a top earner’  Next thing you know you’re ‘buying’ short cuts and secrets.

My Uncle and Godfather Mo taught me a long time ago, ‘if it isn’t a good deal tomorrow, it ain’t a good deal today‘.

It’s great advice.

Rule of thumb – make 150% of your income in networking before you walk.

Don’t get sucked in.  Pay the rent first, learn, grow and keep it fun.


6. Coping With Insecurities — and Using Them for Motivation

The 100 leaders did not sail through work and life without doubts… and man did that make me feel better.

Many shared.  Executive Summaries reports,  stories of early uncertainty; anxiety before big meetings.

Look, they knew what you know – the work is not hard, but it is hard getting it going, running a family and, really it’s lonely work.

It’s you and the phone.

What I’ve done is (and it seems these folks did it too in their own way) decide that what I was ‘feeling’ was the point that others quit.

The 100 seemed to find a way to ‘motivate’ themselves with these feelings, not be overcome by them.

How do you know?


If you are not making calls to prospects, 40 to 50 3-5x a week, you’ve quit and just not told yourself.

Sorry.  It’s got to be said.


7. From Paying Rent to Conquering the World

Interestingly they did not, these 100, claim they were going to ‘blow the doors’ off whatever.  They just mastered what they were doing, learning then replicating those skills and concepts into other success.

In reading some of these interviews it’s pretty easy to see they would have gone for a ‘1 pin level’ at a time and not limited themselves once they got to a new pin level.


So, up to 70 on the questions and then 30 for reading this and the courage to assess yourself.

Let us know how you did in the comments box… and how you deal with these 7 things.  Which ones are you great at?


The difference between winners and losers is clear.  Successful reps simply do the things unsuccessful reps make a decision not to do… and the folks who move from ‘nobody to somebody’ look for ways to improve.

Bottom line?

What is more important, right now, than testing yourself with my little quiz and joining the conversation below?

Let us and others know where you need improvement and I believe you’ll get the help you need within 24 hours.



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world’s laziest networker

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  • 65. ouch that hurt but I needed to hear it. Thanks Mark for the straight shot of reality. Especially at the end of number 6.

    Kenny V

  • My score was 90. We always need to keep learning, improving,and striving. These are the examples our business partners are looking from us. Tell them the truth and get a commitment. They will do what you do.

    Always remember the are three groups of people… leaders, followers and those that don’t want to play. Network marketing is not for everyone. So only enroll those people you would really like to have in your business. Remember you are trying to leverage your time… not waste it.

  • I scored a 65-I know what I areas I need to improve, particularly #6, I won’t quit and will continue to soak up what I can and continue to make calls so that it becomes easier and I become better.

  • Awesome Renee…..thanks for stopping by and I love that old expression “Rolling up my sleeves…..” that’s the language of winners!

  • Tremendous attitude Kenny…..we’ve all got blind spots and to take this little quiz and discover a ‘spot’ or two to work in is the behavior of a winner…..

    Go for it!

    mark j

  • Your tranparency is wonderful….

    Winners start with an HONEST assessment of liabilities and assets and move forward from there….just like you have Janice….this ‘transparency’ is something winners have in common…..and you’ve ‘got it’

    I mean, really, think about it….until we know where we need to impove, how can we? The first step is the hardest and you and other here today have taken it…..most excellent!!

    mark j

  • I scored 64- I need to focus more and stop procrastinating- Make more calls each day
    Not let me emotion rule
    Not care what others are doing- just do what I love and keep doing it

  • What a great exersize! I scored 65 and gave myself a 0 on #6 which is the MT! Not great since the 30 pts was a gift. The MT is the most important of all and where I need to adopt the “take no prisoners” attitude from here on out! Mahalo Mark

  • Another great blog, Mark….

    Full of wisdom and common sense….

    A measured reality check….

    Common sense is the new paycheck for networkers, but it should have been that all along….

  • Honesty is essential and you, my friend, have it.

    Don’t judge, it’s just an ‘inventory’……just start with the area you need greatest improvement in….

  • Coach Kathy…….I’m stealing that line “common sense is a new paycheck’ for networkers

    Always a thrill when you stop by…..

    mark j

  • Honesty will make you a fortune in this business…..honesty with ourselves….and you’ve got honesty!! Fantastic.

    Most people, in life, never know where to begin….we do in networking…if we’re candid with ourselves…BRAVO

  • Scored 40. (Ugh!)
    I want to get this right and help other do the same.
    Thanks for making this valuable info available for FREE!

  • Wow, so much that Ijust did not know. This training is great.
    Today I began (again) my Network Marketing business with SKILLS that will help me succeed!
    Thank you (biliions) for sharing.

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