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Talk about a crock of bulls$%#*…there simply is no such thing and only folks trying to sell it to you will take issue with this.  But they won’t take issue with me about it because they know it doesn’t take but 30 seconds to expose folks trying to make a living on the new [??] concept of ‘attraction marketing.’

Here is why it does not work.


The Law of Attraction is about 2000 years old, no kidding.

Things really got defined in self help movement during 1912 with magnificent document entitled The Master Key System.

It was years of study that created this……the Law of Attraction is an inside job, been teaching it for years…..been a student of it just as many years.

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Anyway…….I understand this Law of Attraction and the slop people are peddling as Attraction Marketing could not be further from the Law of Attraction.

What they are describing in these Attraction Marketing rip-offs is how to present an image and create a brand so people will be attracted to you.  This is not attraction, it is simply self promotion.


From how to get followers to writing copy etc…..all based on the latest ‘must have’ tech-no gadget, the Pied-Pipers chant…..

Fashion comes and goes, only principles endure.

My Space ring a bell?  Look, I am not saying social media is not a force …..but you don’t have to force it.  It’s not the size of your list, it is the relationship you have with them that will make a difference and build you a bigger list/following……not cheap parlor tricks.

Give them good content, stay away from self promotion and keep giving…..principles endure…… and trying to fool people with a manufactured image is not going to attract anyone except other phonies. You’ll do much better following experts, picking their brains and promoting them …….it’s honest, delivers good content from real experts and, lest we forget…….honesty is a pretty rare and attractive thing in today’s world.


Laws, universal laws, when violated tend to not work…..tend to backfire.

Quite simply the law of attraction is about creating in your mind a superior relationship with the force of all good in the universe by sitting still, being quiet for  15-45 minutes per day and raising your subconscious contact with the Infinite Source.   It is about being QUIET …….not NOISE about how great we are.

The Law of Attraction begins with silence.

It is within these moments of self discovery that we realize actions taken by the same person in the hopes those actions will change the person or results is EXACTLY what the Law of attraction points out to be certain failure.

It is just noise if we are running around and self promoting……..when was the last time you were attracted to NOISE?

Self promotion is noise……self promotion or promotion of a guru you have no personal evidence with  [your results, not testimonials on the guru’s webpage] is REALLY BAD LOUD NOISE


Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Sorry attraction marketing experts but The Law of Attraction was spelled out by my friend the Carpenter a little over 2000 years  ago and if I am not mistaken there is a lot of stuff in His teaching about telling the truth…..of course I am along in years and my memory is not what it once was……but I am pretty sure it was some other fellow in scripture who said telling lies to get what you want is OK.


The Law of Attraction is activated via service to others with no expectation of return, not self-promotion with expectation.

I am not seeing anything but self promotion [ahem], with expectation of results.  This has nothing to do with attraction.


If you’re investing money to create an image that is meant to drive customers or prospects …….that is advertising and has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction.

Advertising  not good nor bad in and of itself……it just is what it is …….ever buy something based on the ad and then be disappointed that the product did not come close to what the ad promised?  I sure have.  Advertising ourselves as ‘experts’ when we are not pretty much is the same thing… I wrong here?

Look……..just don’t buy into the buzz words and think they will make a difference or some pseudo image one concocts is going to ‘attract’ the ‘right people’ …….and if you think ‘money’ attracts people you are right …..but they’ll soon be off to the next deal …..that promises more money for less work…….over and over again. If you ‘set your hook’ for lottery-mentality type of folks that is what you will get and nothing lasts that is built on this type of advertising…….and to winners, which is who you want……it is not attractive at all.


The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS on…..ALWAYS……it is so stupid to think we can turn it on or off……it is a fundamental universal law that like attracts like.  Want to keep attracting the same things…..stay the same……want to attract different things….change ……not what you do but who you are.  The only real difference between plants/animals and us is we can change how we think……thus change how we behave and what we attract….but make not mistake about it …….it’s running 24-7, always has, always will.


Picked up a follower on Twitter…….15-20 tweets a day from here promoting the same thing…….another one of the network marketing gurus who charges 300 bucks to learn how to brand yourself so you can catch the attraction marketing wave…….she’s turned us off …….and she is doing exactly what this moron is teaching.

The Law of Attraction changed our lives because, with a lot of work, we were able to change our thinking, which means our beliefs changed …..that changed our actions and the results changed.

The cycle is: thought :::> belief ::::> action :::: > result

When we [attempt to] change our actions but remain the same person with the same thoughts and beliefs, we get the same results because we are the same person, and attract the same things.

We cannot change our thoughts by changing our actions…….that is like planting a flower and expecting bulb to grow…insane right?

Well….. thinking we can ‘brand ourselves’ is exactly the same thing as flower-bulb.  Folks and people peddling ‘Attraction Marketing’ are telling you that flowers grow bulbs.

If we do not change the bulb and resort to cheap tech-no self promoting false images the results we seek will never come……on to the next fad…..same thing over and over.

In the mean time here is a 39 sentence short cut that all these ‘attraction marketing’ scams can’t touch for effectiveness- free – public domain – been around for decades, works 100% of the time ….How to Win Friends and Influence People

Enjoy and …..share it 🙂


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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