Talk about a crock of bulls$%#*…there simply is no such thing and only folks trying to sell it to you will take issue with this.  But they won’t take issue with me about it because they know it doesn’t take but 30 seconds to expose folks trying to make a living on the new [??] concept of ‘attraction marketing.’

Here is why it does not work.


The Law of Attraction is about 2000 years old, no kidding.

Things really got defined in self help movement during 1912 with magnificent document entitled The Master Key System.

It was years of study that created this……the Law of Attraction is an inside job, been teaching it for years…..been a student of it just as many years.

By the way, the class this year is full but we are giving away 50 full scholarships.  Make sure you’re opted in here if you have some interest in this life altering experience that runs 26 weeks and takes about 40 minutes a day.

Anyway…….I understand this Law of Attraction and the slop people are peddling as Attraction Marketing could not be further from the Law of Attraction.

What they are describing in these Attraction Marketing rip-offs is how to present an image and create a brand so people will be attracted to you.  This is not attraction, it is simply self promotion.


From how to get followers to writing copy etc…..all based on the latest ‘must have’ tech-no gadget, the Pied-Pipers chant…..

Fashion comes and goes, only principles endure.

My Space ring a bell?  Look, I am not saying social media is not a force …..but you don’t have to force it.  It’s not the size of your list, it is the relationship you have with them that will make a difference and build you a bigger list/following……not cheap parlor tricks.

Give them good content, stay away from self promotion and keep giving…..principles endure…… and trying to fool people with a manufactured image is not going to attract anyone except other phonies. You’ll do much better following experts, picking their brains and promoting them …….it’s honest, delivers good content from real experts and, lest we forget…….honesty is a pretty rare and attractive thing in today’s world.


Laws, universal laws, when violated tend to not work…..tend to backfire.

Quite simply the law of attraction is about creating in your mind a superior relationship with the force of all good in the universe by sitting still, being quiet for  15-45 minutes per day and raising your subconscious contact with the Infinite Source.   It is about being QUIET …….not NOISE about how great we are.

The Law of Attraction begins with silence.

It is within these moments of self discovery that we realize actions taken by the same person in the hopes those actions will change the person or results is EXACTLY what the Law of attraction points out to be certain failure.

It is just noise if we are running around and self promoting……..when was the last time you were attracted to NOISE?

Self promotion is noise……self promotion or promotion of a guru you have no personal evidence with  [your results, not testimonials on the guru’s webpage] is REALLY BAD LOUD NOISE


Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Sorry attraction marketing experts but The Law of Attraction was spelled out by my friend the Carpenter a little over 2000 years  ago and if I am not mistaken there is a lot of stuff in His teaching about telling the truth…..of course I am along in years and my memory is not what it once was……but I am pretty sure it was some other fellow in scripture who said telling lies to get what you want is OK.


The Law of Attraction is activated via service to others with no expectation of return, not self-promotion with expectation.

I am not seeing anything but self promotion [ahem], with expectation of results.  This has nothing to do with attraction.


If you’re investing money to create an image that is meant to drive customers or prospects …….that is advertising and has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction.

Advertising  not good nor bad in and of itself……it just is what it is …….ever buy something based on the ad and then be disappointed that the product did not come close to what the ad promised?  I sure have.  Advertising ourselves as ‘experts’ when we are not pretty much is the same thing… I wrong here?

Look……..just don’t buy into the buzz words and think they will make a difference or some pseudo image one concocts is going to ‘attract’ the ‘right people’ …….and if you think ‘money’ attracts people you are right …..but they’ll soon be off to the next deal …..that promises more money for less work…….over and over again. If you ‘set your hook’ for lottery-mentality type of folks that is what you will get and nothing lasts that is built on this type of advertising…….and to winners, which is who you want……it is not attractive at all.


The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS on…..ALWAYS……it is so stupid to think we can turn it on or off……it is a fundamental universal law that like attracts like.  Want to keep attracting the same things…..stay the same……want to attract different things….change ……not what you do but who you are.  The only real difference between plants/animals and us is we can change how we think……thus change how we behave and what we attract….but make not mistake about it …….it’s running 24-7, always has, always will.


Picked up a follower on Twitter…….15-20 tweets a day from here promoting the same thing…….another one of the network marketing gurus who charges 300 bucks to learn how to brand yourself so you can catch the attraction marketing wave…….she’s turned us off …….and she is doing exactly what this moron is teaching.

The Law of Attraction changed our lives because, with a lot of work, we were able to change our thinking, which means our beliefs changed …..that changed our actions and the results changed.

The cycle is: thought :::> belief ::::> action :::: > result

When we [attempt to] change our actions but remain the same person with the same thoughts and beliefs, we get the same results because we are the same person, and attract the same things.

We cannot change our thoughts by changing our actions…….that is like planting a flower and expecting bulb to grow…insane right?

Well….. thinking we can ‘brand ourselves’ is exactly the same thing as flower-bulb.  Folks and people peddling ‘Attraction Marketing’ are telling you that flowers grow bulbs.

If we do not change the bulb and resort to cheap tech-no self promoting false images the results we seek will never come……on to the next fad…..same thing over and over.

In the mean time here is a 39 sentence short cut that all these ‘attraction marketing’ scams can’t touch for effectiveness- free – public domain – been around for decades, works 100% of the time ….How to Win Friends and Influence People

Enjoy and …..share it 🙂


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark, When will decision be made who gets the 1 of the 50 scholarships are available?


    Good post by he way.

  • Well, Mark…once again you have “spoken” to me. When we met, I thought that we were just engaged in a battle of symantics (after disposing of the “commercial aspects” that most Attraction Marketing wizards/gurus/self-proclaimed experts grind out as product), I now see where you were trying to take me. It also makes me realize that what you refer to takes T – I – M – E!

    OK…here we go! always…thank you for the great instruction(and thank you to Lisa Powell Anderson for introducing me to you).

  • Another great post Mark! I finally have gone back and read all the posts I missed in the last couple of weeks….a particular favorite was the one where you and Davene had your pillow cases done with the photos of Kauai…what a great idea….brings home the thought of picturing what you want and where you’re headed with your dreams.
    I’m in San Diego this week and doing my first (in front of a crowd, well at least 5 people, LOL) presentation for someone in our group…..I didn’t think I was ready to step up to the plate like this, but I promised to help our team, so……here I am, 3000 miles from home and definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve decided to just be myself and tell our story….I’m confident and know I can do it!
    Keep up the great posts!! You make it real for me….thanks, Lisa

  • Bruce…..the very best you have is within you just waiting for you to say…”OK”

    for everybody that takes 1 second…..the T-I-M-E thing …….is the time it takes to get ready to day yes….and everybody included me too burdda

    peace 🙂

  • Mark, great post. Loving all of your stuff. I spent 2 years and thousands of hours and dollars trying to do attraction marketing. Then, I found Tom Big Al and stopped the madness.

    Thanks for the great post. I’m looking forward to your future information.

  • Glad you liked it Nick……Tom is a good friend and been a big part of our blessing…..

    Congrats on stopping the ‘madness’……excellent

    Keep doing all those good things

    mark j

  • Why take such issue with these folks doing “Attraction Marketing”?

    Aren’t we all trying to connect on a human level and get to know one another? Sharing with others about yourself is a great way to do that – it’s certainly what “network” marketing has been based on for many, many years.

    At the end of the day if people lie, or share information with solely self-serving purpose then the Universal Laws will respond in kind…that’s the law. And if folks are searching for programs that provide them with tons of money for no value exchange then…they too will find the Universal Laws at work.

    The Universal Laws always “work” and can’t be violated. You may not get what you “consciously believe” you want but, you will always get what you attract into your life with your energy and subconscious thoughts/ beliefs.

    People looking for a scam online will be able to find one… those looking to give back and genuinely help others can find great success with “attraction marketing”. Because products and programs may come and go but people like to connect with other people (otherwise the Social Networks wouldn’t be so wildly popular).

    People giving freely of their talents and gifts with others is a wonderful example of “attraction marketing” at work. Whether you’ve discovered a wonderful tip from an expert or “guru” or you’ve got something to share from your own experience… there is no shame in sharing our personal gifts OR promoting that we have something to offer to others even if we are not yet “experts” or “gurus” as defined by the masses.

    It seems it’s not the concept of attraction marketing that is the issue rather that like attracts like and unfortunately, you’ve run across some folks online that you’d rather not attract into your life (such as the woman on Twitter). Blaming the marketers or the marketing will not bring resolution to that issue.

    I wish you a joyful and abundant journey… it’s a very interesting discussion


  • Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    Attraction marketing in and of itself is the issue. people charging for ‘Universal Law’ …..and doing a terrible job of it…….is the point of the article.

    Why use ‘attraction marketing’ [wink-wink] when just being honest about why you want people to look… in line with universal law.

    projecting an image about ourselves because we want people to look at what we are selling is operatiing hidden agenda…..and the idea of linking ‘attraction marketing’ to Universal Law[s] of Attraction is about as far from the intergity of Universal Law as it gets……they have nothing to do with one another.

    Honesty about what we are …..a pithcman for juice, coffee, make-up etc…….IS attraction…….honesty attracts honest people

    Your points are excellent and I understand your reasoning…….now the subconscious we carry is about being honest……and look what just happened…..a nice, honest person like you showed up……the point is….we did not need a course to do that….

    My suggestion is to re-read the article with perspectivism ……from my point of veiw, as if I were right……Like I have read your great comment as if you are right…..and, while re-reading, allow for the idea that the writer [me] maybe could be a better writer……and communicate better…. 🙂 so look past the style and examine the principle.

    I believe you’ll find we are much closer than you may believe. If you really are a student of [and I believe you are] of Univeral Law and the subconscious… may see that contriving a phrase like ‘Attraction Marketing’ and linking it to Universal Law is minipulative to gain credibility about its validity…..and, then agian… may not but it might be fun for you….

    BOTTOM LINE…..would you rather have someone say….Hi Lorren…this is a business call… got 2 minutes? ……or would you rather I went through all kinds of touchey feely stuff to ‘attract’ you ……and then find out it was all about a hidden agenda?

    i know that is kind of a loaded question…..but, is there any other way to see it?

    Universal Law is what it is and the Universe seems to respond to honesty……and find it very attractive.

    As a side note……we’ve put our money where our mouth is and are teaching a course [$260,000 given in scholarships] that teaches unversal law……

    you might enjoy this next time… sure sounds like you get the Unversal Law and subconscious thing……

    So happy you offered a dissenting point of view Loreen….no one has all the answers and respectful exchanges help all of us…

    mark j

  • Hey Mark,

    I think that we will have to respectfully agree to disagree. But, I do so appreciate you affording me the opportunity to express my perspective!

    We “see” what we “believe” and you seem to believe (my perspective) that those who use the term Attraction marketing and tie it to Universal Laws are ALL some how manipulative. I choose to “see” that very differently.

    I don’t assume that everyone has a “hidden agenda” otherwise, that might be exactly what I find.

    In addition, I know many wonderful, honest, talented people who use the “attraction marketing” concept and have helped thousands of others to become quite successful and at the same time built wonderful relationships with those individuals. They are not deceitful nor do they hide how they have come to be successful or what they have to offer to another.

    The beauty of it, for me, is that it allows the visitor to decide if they want to have interaction with you or learn more about you or how you might be able to help them – unlike a blatant telesales call – which, no thank you , I would not like to receive.

    I think that we would agree that it is a shame that there have been many individuals who have intentionally deceived others for personal gain and in many cases given Internet Marketing and Network Marketing a bad name. But, that will be their journey and karma to face not ours. They will ultimately reap exactly what they sow.

    All the best to you in your journey! I wish you continued success, abundance and joy!


  • I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and professionalism.

    Your taking the time and allowing open flow of ideas…..what is so cool is the time and care you took in choosing your words.

    That we can disagree and not be disagreeable is what adds value for everyone.

    Thanks for visiting and expressing yourself …..and mostly, thanks for helping others see how the process of dissenting opinions can help everyone learn and make the best decisions for themselves

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