Everybody makes mistakes, it is part of the human experience.

There is a significant difference between making mistakes and repeating them.

What leaders are really good at …..and I mean really, really good at is recognizing a mistake and learning from it.

They tend to embrace them because they know if they make a correction it won’t happen again and they’ll make more money.

One of the great things about networking is that leaders will share what they know so others don’t have to make it.


The old saying ‘history repeats itself’ is a massive lie.

History does not repeat itself, people do.

We simply cannot lead if we do not recognize in every fiber of our being that the real work begins AFTER we sponsor someone.

The sites that promise ways to sponsor 20, 30 40 or more people a month should be a big tip-off that they simply do not understand the business and are appealing to us to not look at our mistakes.

Helping people takes time and skill.  Our career turned once we learned and applied the 3-Deep Pattern……our personal sponsoring went down to a couple of people a month and our income went up dramatically.

Once we discovered the 7 Mistakes sponsors make and realized by changing our behavior, the behavior of the new reps would change.


While the other 6 can be debated for order, this is #1.

Coach Wooden taught, “We manage things, we work with people.”


Tossed every management book and article I ever had…..and everything changed over night.

Help them work through the check-list you or your company has and stay on point.  Do it with them so they can see how to do it the right way.

Then do it with them and their new reps so they can see it again, [duplication], and repeat one more level down.


It simply does not work.

20 reps we looked back on we had told to build a list and sent them the normal tickler lists etc., just did not do it.

We made this mistake over and over.

My wife and/or I sit with folks who don’t come with a list in hand and help them build it.  On average we will put together 125-200 names.  Every time.

NEVER teach list building without building a list.  You may not realize it but what you are teaching this is how to tell others to build a list instead of building it.

Off that original list you’ll help them easily sponsor 10-30 people and that will create a new set of lists totalling 1250 – 2000.

Build the list with them.

Tell them to build a list and that is exactly what they will duplicate.

Build a list with them and that is exactly what they will duplicate.

When you can turn 337 names into 10,000 plus reps [we did] you’ll be loved by your people who ‘get it’ and never have to buy leads.


Your leaders will do what you do, not what you say.

If you stop sponsoring and start managing…..they will too.

Now the best 4-6 people on your team are not doing what they do best.

Never let your personal recruiting time fall below 25% of your total time in the business weekly.


Huge Time Vampire.

When work is supposed to be done and is not new reps start telling stories and because the feel bad they engage you for 30 minutes to an hour….when you could have been recruiting.

When you get rep on the phone who hasn’t completed what they promised, don’t scold or acknowledge the excuse.

Use these words exactly..”What is the status of it now and when do you think you’ll have it completed?”

Let them tell you, excuse yourself and start calling your prospects.


Networking never happens fast enough once we are committed……but it can lead to a big mistake.  Especially if you are ‘full-time’ and want to hit the next pin/income level by a certain date.

We can lose sight of how it was when we got started…..it takes time for new folks to get into a rhythm and sometimes, OK a lot of the time, we can try to push folks at the pace we want them to go at instead of what they are comfortable doing.

Check your motives and agenda at the door when working with new folks and focus on theirs.


We all press new rep for a goal statement, a ‘why’ …something….

We get it and never mention it again.

BIG, BIG, BIG mistake.

They will take your coaching if they trust you and reading the goals of new reps and their new reps …..then reminding them of those goals, sending things in the mail about their goals…..will dramatically increase their trust in you.  We all play better for coaches we trust.

Once they discover you are also interested in the goals of their people, trust goes off the charts.

And, you know what?  If we don’t know their goal and their people’s goals, we are lousy sponsors……we brought them in believing we would help them get what they want…..don’t you think not knowing what it is and commenting on it, supporting it …..is a requirement?

No matter…..they sure do.


I just cringe when I think about my early behavoir……telling new reps to ‘talk to everyone’ without teaching them what to say so they don’t get slaughtered.

This mistake could be #1….

If we are going to make some money we need to learn some skills….and teaching them what to say……is a skill……really, the #1 skill.


I survived all those mistakes.  Wooden taught that coaching is about correction, not punishment.

The big shift came when I stopped looking at non producing distributors as ‘not being right for the business’ and started looking at where I could improve.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark, this is the most life changing information I believe I have ever had the opportunity to learn. Your faith and life experiences truly set you apart and I am so thankful to be a part of this process. I always gleam some nugget of greatness when I listen to your videos and I know you have our best interest at heart. Thank You

  • Mark,

    I just saw your second video and boy was it powerful. I have already written down the three things to do. My exercise starts tonight. I look forward to seeing your video no. 3. Wish me all power and I wish you the same. Peace.


  • Great to see and hear you again Mark. Looking forward to the program, not hoping, but Knowing that it will help my business.

  • I just watched the 2nd video. I have the card ready and write it out tonight before going to sleep. I do not have a tv so that part is already done.

  • Mark … I’m grateful for the knowledge you are sharing with us. Thank you so very much for this valuable information. ~Cathleen

  • Actually Barb, you are the leader…….of our adventure into the mind……not me…….so thank you for trusting this process; that is leadership because you simply cannot lead where you will not go 🙂 and you are ‘going’ so your group will follow

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