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We’ve consistently written in this blog that LUCK is created if we Labor Under Correct Knowledge.

Are there characteristics that leaders have in common, or people for that matter, who seem to have an inordinate amount of good Luck?


You know how some people seem to get one break after another?  In turns out that there are 7 Characteristics that these people display….. sort of a break down of what Labor Under Correct Knowledge means.


People who seem to catch one break after another know what they want to accomplish and they can give you vivid details of what the end result is going to be.

If you can’t close your eyes right this second and see what it is that you want down to the most minute detail then you don’t have a crystal clear objective and lady luck is not your companion.


The Greeks asked one simple question when some dies.  They did not do eulogies.

What was that question?

Did he have passion?

We’ve talked several times about the “Think and Grow Rich” material and building a burning desire.  But here is an easy way to tell if you have one.

Does everyone you know know what you want?

If you have a burning desire, real passion, about your objective everyone you know understands what it is, and so does Lady Luck.


Lady Luck has a built-in bullshit detector.

You can spout all the quotes about attitude you want….. she knows and she just won’t date people that don’t believe.


You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket.  Sounds kind of obvious….. but if you’re not putting yourself in the transaction spot, being proactive about generating transactions then you’re really the same guy or gal who wants to win the lottery without buying a ticket.

Gamblers call people who want to win money but not place a bet a “piker”.

Lady Luck don’t date no “pikers”.

So what’s proactive plus?

My sources tell me that Lady Luck hangs out at the extra mile.


I know I have been on the bully pulpit about this more that once but I am still flabbergasted that people won’t practice.

If we are going to make some money we need to talk to people and learning what to say and what to do requires some skill.

Lady Luck is attracted to people who are competent, confident and capable.

Do you practice?

She’ll know instantly and smile on you or dump on you.

All kidding aside one of the reasons that some people seem to be lucky is there prepared thru perfect practice, not winging it when opportunity presents itself.


The godfather of all self help, Earl Nightingale, said it superbly: If you are not prepared for your opportunity when it comes the opportunity will only make you look silly.


Sports Psychologist Rob Gilbert has preached for years, “With risk comes reward.”  The difference between getting lucky and not having anything but bad luck seems to be incredibly linked to the phenomenon I like to call “the moment’.

“The moment”, is when you get an idea and you either hesitate on it and don’t take action or you take the risk by taking action right away.

It can be a simple as being in the grocery store, standing in the check out line, and the gal next to you starts complaining about how expensive groceries have become.  That moment, right there, is what I am talking about.

Do you get in your car and say to yourself, “I should have said something…..”

..or rationalize your inaction with statements like …….”she probably wouldn’t have been interested…. etc. ?

This means that the idea, the moment, was right there…. people who get lucky don’t hesitate….. people who don’t get lucky hesitate and rationalize.

Lady Luck is waiting for you on the extra mile…she loves people who are well-practiced, skilled and have a clear idea where they are going.


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

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