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MLMer’s are always moving….forward or backwards.

If we get sucked into the mindset out there…..I guarantee, absolutely guarantee we lose ground.

This insanity of ‘sponsor more’ comes with a hidden and massive price tag.   And believe me, it’s bigger than we can think.

How so?

Sponsoring, especially the way the mindset is shifting…..takes time……and has bred multi-tasking mayhem… yesterdays post we offered scientific evidence that multi-taskers are doomed to dramatically under-preform.

But the bigger issue is between trying to sponsor lots of people and sponsoring people…..the key to wealth is being lost.

What’s the key to wealth in MLM?  Simple

Education.  Teaching people what to do so they can do it, do it well…..and then teaching them ‘how’ to teach so the networking skills needed to succeed get taught.

Duplication is just a 4 syllable word for ‘copy.’  And plugging people we sponsor into sites is moving backwards……

We gain leverage by learning and teaching, hands on… newbies become effective and then effective teachers.

The ‘hire them in masses, train them in classes and throw them out on their asses’ mentality never builds a self-sustaining group.

How do we get leverage?


Hands On Help Makes More Money And Builds Moral

Learn the skills and one of the key skills in being a great coach.

That is a skill that is being lost…..and, ironically, is where the big, long term income is earned.

How do you become a great coach?

On the webcast yesterday…..we shared 1 of the key components.


To gain influence you simply must know the core values……what that persons ‘authentic’ treasure really is.

Next, apply the principles in the book, “The Influencer.”

I’ve clipped a portion of a blog I wrote about this game changing book several months ago and dropped it below…..

I also promised my tried and true quick fill in goal statement.  Click Here.

Have them fill it out…..with you…..then apply the simple principles below.

Really want to make big money?

Buy the book.

In Go90Grow we teach this in detail…..and is makes a massive difference with both prospecting and growing your group.

Here’s the portion of the blog I was referring to….a virtual blueprint gaining influence.

Influence With New Peeps? Simple Bluepring



Patterson, Grenny, David Maxfield, MacMillin and Al Switzler conducted an enormous study that lead me to their book, “Influencer.”  In our businesses we all want to have influence with customers, prospects and our reps or affiliates but unless we understand how to influence people effectively …….continuous frustration is a daily state of mind.

Our ineffectiveness at influencing others, and here comes the good news, is not a character flaw or lack of passion or motivation.  The solution to the challenges we all face with our business lies in learning ~  not talent.

We can all become extremely influential and we can do it without being intrusive or pushy.


It may seem obvious but influential wizards don’t focus on results.  Instead they focus on behaviors.  You have to decide what you are trying to change before you can influence change.  Don’t confuse outcomes with behaviors because you may influence a behavioral change and not see instant results.  This creates confusion in the people you are trying to influence.  This 50 year+ study states without behavioral focus people will not choose to change their behaviors.

Example: John is not enrolling new reps.  If we focus on John’s numbers and tell him he needs to make more calls we are confusing behavior and results in John’s mind.  What we need to do is focus on John’s behavior, making calls consistently in a systematized way or even better yet with you.  Help him improve the behavior which will eventually improve the results.

OK, you understand the mechanism and here’s how to bring it to the next level.

While people may trust us, it does not mean we have ‘influence,’ with them.  This is a virtual blueprint to gaining influence.

Source 1 – Personal Motivation.  Work to connect  the vital behavior that will drive your business to intrinsic motives.  Example: By knowing John’s goal to put his daughter through college, connect the behavior of dialing the phone to John’s motive.  This will begin to influence John.

Source 2 – Personal Ability.  Coach the specifics of each behavior through practice.  Example: I would role play on the phone with John 20 or 30 minutes and then tell him to read the scripts out loud for another 20 or 30 minutes.

Source 3 – Social Motivation.  This one’s really easy with growing organizations.  Simply find other people who have overcome the challenge you are trying to help John with …….then connect John with those people to both motivate and enable the targeted behavior. This is a powerful, powerful concept.  I do it with ‘non-recruiting 3-ways’  ~ one of the 5 accelerators you’ll find here.

Source 4 – Social Ability.  People in a community intuitively understand they have to help each other if they are to be truly successful.  Great influencers ask others to also coach John with that particular vital behavior you have identified.  Example: I called a rep, Artie, and asked him to help Henry with a new behavior.  This let Artie know I respected him and his ability, let Henry know he was valued and created community.  Henry and Artie now swap tips and information even though they are in different organizations.

Source 5 – Structural Motivation – Those who are great influencers understand and capitalize on attaching appropriate reward structures to motivate people to pick up the vital behaviors.  Example: Staying with John here, I know he wants to pay for his daughter’s college so I put a $50 savings bond for her on the table if he would both practice and make 100 calls.  It’s very important to note I said nothing about the results …..again focus strictly on the behavior.

Source 6 – Structural Ability – Most people in home-based-businesses have conference calls or training.  Influencers know that the best teachers of a particular behavior are the ones who struggled with it and overcame it.  So again, continuing with John …..our company has a conference call about dialing the phone once a month.  I told John that he was going to be conducting the call 3 months from now so let’s get busy daily mastering this skill, in bite-size pieces.  This was a dual reward because it let John feel, that is, it influences him, that he was a vital part of the team and could help others because we had confidence in his willingness to improve this behavior.

The book the “Influencer” had an enormous influence 🙂 over us and I highly recommend considering this book if you would like influence with the people you work with.

Over the years I have shared this with my leaders.  Those who work the 6 ‘sources’ into their behavior quickly became tremendously influential both within their organizations and with the company.

There is no question people that know what they are doing know that knowing what to do is not enough.

The ‘key’ factor is influence.


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