Things Change

The leadership methods of the past are not enough.

Leader of the Future by Peter Drucker made the Top 15 …and with good reason.

The days of ‘Just Do It’ the way it is ‘laid out’ will not cut it as leadership anymore.  The deals are a dime a dozen out there today and more people looking and joining daily than ever before.  The ‘caveman’ approach to Leadership is about as effective as an umbrella in a hurricane.

Key: New people buy the leader BEFORE they buy the vision.

What does that mean?

It means that as bad as they want to get their husband off the road…or pay for the kids education…or get their wife at home with the kids, they will believe in YOU before that dream makes the longest journey in the world…from the head to the heart.  Once the dream gets to the heart, things are better, but they do not get great until they learn to lead…which, ironically, they learn from you.

So you better be good for 2 reasons…

1. It is YOU that facilitates the movement of their dream from the head to the heart.

2. It is YOU that teaches them to lead by what you do and what you say.

6 Simple Steps to Successful Leadership

In today’s competitive market place…and that combativeness is compounded by the internet…you better be the leader of the future now – not later.

See, the beauty of all the Tom, Dick and Harry’s believing ‘systems’ will do all the work for them and they never have to talk to anyone, (did their Momma’s teach them anything?), it is that personal attention gives you an edge.  I had a guy yesterday tell me he was ‘stunned’ I called.

But…and this is important…the people enrolling today, who are serious and not ‘lottery-heads’ (believing they don’t have to do anything but point and click), are more discerning.

And if you learn and practice these 6 tiny things, they will not only gladly follow but become leaders, real leaders.

1. Encourage their passion.

Don’t let what you think is important – plan, product, company, making money, etc., close your ears.  Find out what they are passionate about, write it down and make sure you build it into every conversation.  Most people go their whole life without someone asking them what is important to them.  Find out and support that passion.

2. Enhance their ability

Find out what they can do well, teach them some skills to help them do better.  Link what you are teaching to their passion… e.g. “I am asking you to learn this skill so we can get your husband off the road and then we can help other families have more time with each other.”

Once you share a few skills with them in areas that they are comfortable with…work WITH them to enhance that skill set.

3. Value their time

Most people start part-time and have a full-time job.  Their time is limited.  Value it.


Show up for appointments/3-ways early.

Be prepared.

Undivided attention.

Action focus.

4. Build their network

Don’t tell them what to do, do it with them.

Do you know how few people get this?

Then, do it with their people while they listen in.

Do you know even fewer people do this?

They learn what to do, hands-on…then you teach them how to teach others.

This 3-Deep Pattern is leadership, the leadership of the future…and for us, and new reps, the future is right now.

This so, so separates you from the ‘branded’, ahem, experts.

5. Support their dreams

This is different from their passion.

It is not some silly, ‘why’.  It is much deeper than that.

Find out, a week or two in, for them to paint a verbal picture of their life…for you…once their credit card stuff is cleared up, hubby is now home…and 15,000 a month or more is rolling in.

Find out what they would do if they owned their own life.

Once this happens, send (not email…yuck), pictures of them in their dreams.

Commit to their dreams, know them inside out, get your upline involved with these ‘little things’ then DO THE WORK TO GET THEM WITH THEM.

This is support, not lip service.

Get 3-4 people what they want and your business will be bigger than you can think.

1000s of MLMers…ask for a ‘why’ from a new rep but never look at it again.

I do.  I get the future and you can, so separate yourself from the pack.

DO THE WORK WITH THEM and link the work you are doing together to their dream.

6. Expand their contribution

Networkers will work just as hard for recognition as money.  I know what you are thinking…”I don’t care about that stuff, being on stage.”

Well, that MAY be true…but it is not accurate.

It might be recognition from a spouse, their Dad or Mom…no matter.

As they grow, get the spotlight on them and make sure you are not there to take a bow with them.

Each success they have?  Get it in your newletter…get them on conference calls.  Not ready to train?  Great, recognize and ask them to share ‘how they are doing it’…and BANG! you’ve expanded their contribution.  Let others know what an important piece of the puzzle they are.  Expand their success into the group.

These 6 simple steps to success, all connected and so easy to do all 6 in the course of your day, will make or break your ability to lead in the future.

And since you’ll be spending the rest of your life in the future…isn’t it time to get to leading that way right now?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • “Commit to their dreams, know them inside out……get your upline involved with these ‘little things’ then DO THE WORK TO GET THEM>>>WITH THEM.” – This is key. Do this and they won’t go chasing rainbows and inject themselves with more opportunity junkie vices.

  • Wow! With these 6 simple steps to success. Actions speak louder than words. Encourage – Enhance – Value – Build – Support – Expand. Working with them is building trust and success will follow. Thanks Mark

  • Great info. I love the part about “branded”. Most, if not all of us, will never take the time or money to create a brand. That’s like becoming a Nike…Coke…MacDonalds…etc.

    What we have to focus on is learning how to get noticed, and once noticed follow these principals you mention, and get connected.

    Too few people take the time to actually connect with the people they “so call” sponsor.

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