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Do Fortune 500 CEO’s Know Something You Don’t?

You better believe it.  Is that important to you as a network marketer?  Again, you better believe it.

To not understand that you are the CEO of your network marketing business is a huge mistake and I’ve seen it over and over and over.

So sad.

Tiger Woods, eBay, Ford, Pfizer all have one.

Even Tiger Woods relied on a swing coach.  Butch Harmon raised Tiger’s game.  Coaches have helped CEOs from a lot more companies that just Ford and Pfizer.

Let’s face it if we want to be great we need a coach.

But how the hell can you trust any of these interloping, self-promoting, bottom-feeding “gurus” that claim expertise?

Just looking around online we see people selling courses about how to position yourself as an expert and as a 20-year network marketer, successful network marketer, I can tell you that most of the generic stuff online is garbage.

How do I know?

That’s an easy one.  They’re teaching the wrong stuff.

Want proof?

They talk about sponsoring 10 to 20 people a month and prospects, prospects, prospects.

Any earner knows that prospects don’t drive business.

Distributors drive businesses.  Does that make sense?  If it doesn’t I can tell you that your check is under $1000 a month and it will stay there.

What drives a business are distributors that learn to lead.  Just like Tiger Woods and CEO of all major companies, coaching is important to learn how to lead.


No, this is not a pitch for me to be your coach but rather to pitch you on the idea of becoming a coach.  You’ve got to pay the price and the cheapest and easiest way to do that is not sifting thought the glut of self-appointed gurus but copying what CEO’s of major companies do.  They use authentic outside resources, they read and they study.

They are willing to pay the price.

As you know I’ve reviewed several books here, sharing the key business books that help not only save me money but make me lots and lots of money for people in my organizations.  A great book about this subject is “Coached to Lead” by Dr. Susan Battley.

Let’s look at this amazing woman’s coaching model that she’s used successfully for over 20 years to design high-performance programs for people, groups and organizations.

Oh, and by the way, she helped us, that is, her book, get into the top 50 distributors out of a million and a half in less than 7 months.  Here’s how to lead with effective coaching.

5 Step Coaching Model

Step 1 – Define

Battley asks, “What would success look like for you?”  The answers uncover specific objectives.  The key here is they are the distributor’s objectives, not your’s or the company’s.

Step 2 – Assess

Battley gathers lots of information about people’s businesses.  We don’t have to.  Our business is much easier than hitting a golf ball or running Ford.  What you need to assess with your people is how many hours a week are they on the phone with prospects because that is what’s going to drive the business.

Step 3 – Plan

Along with specific to-do lists Battley explains that a major goal may need to be broken down into several component goals.   That is dead-on in networking.  Take the number of hours that a rep says they can put in and reduce it by 20%.  If a rep says they can put in 10 hours a week assume 8 and build a plan where s/he will be contacting new prospects 7 of those 8 hours.

Step 4 – Act

Here is where the rubber meets the road, the execution phase.  A bad coach will call people and ask them if they did it.  A leader will do it with them and build their confidence.

Step 5 – Review

After 30 days both the coach and the emerging leader need to assess one another’s performance.  The crucial difference in our business from all of Battley’s experiences with major corporations is duplication and politics.  In helping with corporations there are times when the coaching helps but the person can’t advance, thus politics enter in.  Yuck.  What’s really cool in our model is that by helping the person do better our responsibility diminishes as their productivity increases.

Powerhouse Plan

Coach to Lead” covers all these steps in detail while providing numerous examples of how following this model improved results.  The reason you can build a Powerhouse Plan in network marketing is there is no ceiling on the income or advancement of anybody that you help.  This transcends the traditional models that Battley was so effective with and creates a willingness in the people you coached to share what they learned with everyone in their organization.  That’s not always the case in the corporate world.

The Powerhouse Plan is simply teaching people the network marketing skills so they are more effective in those 7 hours, get results, and simply give away what you have freely given to them.

These 5 steps, repeated, led to unprecedented duplication in our organization.  Our team consistently grew at three times the rate of speed of the fastest-growing company in history.  Thank You Dr. Battley.


Mark J

The World’s Laziest Networker


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  • I am looking forward to getting this book for my library. I see that this information is invaluable to my business. Thanks for the lead, Chet Suiter

  • Thank you for sharing Mark.

    I’m looking forward to using these tips as soon as I finish my cleanse. I had to get on top of my Wellness so I can be reliable for my team.

    Agape’ O. Darlene Wood

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