Breaking From Commodity Hell

In relating Oren Harari’s book, Break From The Pack to network marketing we’ve discovered in the last 4 blogs that we are in commodity hell. If you haven’t picked up this series leveraging others people’s wisdom you can go to the beginning of the series by clicking right here.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit I’ve really pounded, from several different angles, this commodity idea.  It’s with good reason, actually good reasons.

First is the copycat economy that we live in and second is the denial that most distributors in network marketing suffer from believing their product, plan, and company are so special that they are unique.  Students of the industry and master key students know better.

It’s wonderful that reps believe in their companies and that companies have worked hard to appear different.  It’s good that people feel great about their companies…but that doesn’t have anything to do with building a business.

What matters is what the prospect is hearing and what places us in commodity hell is that everybody pretty much sounds the same about their great product, great plan, and great company.

I know most reps believe that what they are saying about their product makes a difference but it does not.  It’s borderline delusional.  Sorry, that’s the way it is.  Why?

Dogs don’t hear much more than the tone of our voice and their name when we are urging them to modify their behavior…..and prospects hear pretty much the same thing once our approach morphs into a pitch.

Shifting Gears Makes the Difference

The last few blogs focused on this problem.  I’ve identified it and tried to share why we sound the same and given a couple of general tips I picked up from Oren’s book to break from the pack.  Let’s get really specific as we wrap up this series.

1. Lead institutionally

2. Lead with profound authenticity

3. Lead with genuine caring

4. Lead with turbo speed

5. Lead with the individual in mind

You’ll find what those 5 things mean and exactly what you can do with your team today to implement them.  (shhh! You’ll also find a 6th leadership item that I discovered and was the missing link.)

These five things will help you take prospects to an impossible place that is very cool and very crazy and that will create curious onlookers.  Those 3 words are the handmaidens that break you from the pack.

Why Davids Beat Goliaths

Google doesn’t dominate Goliath Microsoft.  Google dominates search.

David Whole Foods Market doesn’t dominate Krogers, it dominates natural foods.

The reasons these Davids dominate is they choose something they could be the best at.

They broke out of commodity hell and slew these Goliaths.

You can too. Break from the pack.


Check out the video again, get this series to your teammates and make decisions on how you can apply each of those 5 things.

Become part of the 3% that seems crazy and ensure that your organization’s talent and skills dominate…dominate what?

That’s the fun part, choosing with your team what you want to be connected to, what you want your identity to be…as a mission that affects the lives of others.

Mom’s home?

Dad’s home?

World travelers?

Most $10,000 earners monthly in the company?

Most college educations paid for?


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

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