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No, it’s not a knock-off of Steven Covey’s “habits” or a list of nice, warm fuzzy ideas that a John Maxwell would crank out.  In 20 years I have seen the same things make or break hopeful new reps and networking veterans alike.  It is behavior, and there are 5 behaviors successful networkers have in common.

It’s a Recipe

Everybody knows you can’t eat a recipe, as the old saying goes. If you’re gonna make an omelette, you’ve got to break a few eggs.   It is in the subtext though of ideas around a recipe as a metaphor that the deeper, obvious wisdom lives.   You need all, as in 100%, of the ingredients, for the recipe to come out correctly.

Said it a million times… “the successful rep simple does the things, whether they feel like it or not, the unsuccessful rep makes a conscious decision not to do.” While we can make a short list of those things, (hey, our business isn’t that complicated, we only do 3 things), that is not what this post is about.

Elegantly Simple
Elegantly Simple
  1. We strike an interest with people
  2. We show them our deal
  3. We collect decisions

Anyone who wants expand that list or debate it is someone who is not making calls.

There’s no debate about the beauty of networking, is there?  Its beauty lies within the elegant simplicity of the work.  That’s why anyone can do it… it’s simple, clear and clean.   We’re not running a 400 seat restaurant or fixing a transmission.  So the question is, what this post is about… is that if it is that simple, why don’t I do it more often?

Well, that’s the wrong question because it leads to endless discussions that have no resolution. Besides, thinking about the problem draws it to us.  Not good.

The right question?

What do people who make it have in common?    See, if we know that and we do that, we’ll get what they get.  In working this magnificent industry for over 20 years and being blessed by it, in consulting for 6 years to both top leaders and companies, I’ve had a few more exposures than most people to the patterns of the success MLMer.

What are their behaviors, their behavioral patterns if you will?   Here are the 5 behaviors of successful networkers.

Watch to find out:


5 Behaviors of Successful Networkers

If you learn, improve or modify your behaviors to match these 5 behaviors of successful networkers, you’ll do the 3 things we do more often and avoid, effortlessly the behaviors of the unsuccessful.

behaviors of successful netwokers
Get honest, give it up

Was my comment harsh?  “only a moron” would still be multi-tasking with all the evidence proving it is pointless, all the authentic studies?   Maybe, maybe not.  I’ll leave that up to you but I am so anxious to get you to focus on just one thing at a time.   Be in the moment… because the ONLY time anything happens is now.   Nothing in your life or anyone else’s life only happens NOW.

Now. Now is all there is. Now is all there ever was and now is all there ever will be.

Everything that happened in the past happened when it was now. Same is true of the future. What happens two weeks from today can only happen two weeks from today. Whatever happens, can only happen in the now.”  (Excerpt from Standing Tall) Wow.

Too esoteric for you?   Here is the Stanford Study

You can make the dreams of others happen. You can make your dreams happen. And you can fail to make yours and others happen.   See, the multi-tasking thing is huge because your future and your teammates’ futures happen now… what we do in

the now and multi-tasking eliminates any and all hope of improving and copying the behaviors of successful networkers?   You see where I’m going here?  We can’t observe and modify our behavior if we are “engaged” in a deleterious behavior like multi-tasking.

“They’re suckers for irrelevancy,” was the eye-opener for me in these studies on multi-tasking.   Those who are dedicated, determined, disciplined, delayers of gratification and decisive are NOT suckers for irrelevancy.    Got it?

Here’s the bombshell for my close to 30 years of observation about winners.  Focus.  The behaviors of successful networkers come down to focus.  In a nutshell, we get focus not when we decide to focus but doing the recipe of all 5 D’s.

Focus, that laser, magnifying-glass-held-still focus is actually a by-product of the 5 Ds… the behaviors of successful networkers.

When you are making calls, reaching out to suspects, do nothing else.  When you are playing catch with your son, BE THERE… 100%.   Whatever you are doing, well, that is what is happening now.   Be there.  It can be hard or effortless.  The difference?   Making the 5 behaviors of successful networkers a habit.


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behaviors of successul networkers
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