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Yeah, I can hear that in your head right now.   Come on Mark, 4 words will make me rich?

I did not say rich, I said wealthy.  There is a significant difference.

What is the difference?

Money is just dirty paper when you get right down to it.  It simply represents a “resource” you can use to get stuff, pay bliss, get food with.

Wealth, on the other hand, truly understood is more than rich the way people think of rich these days.

Wealth is really a state of mind…and when you have it, the money will follow.

So stay with me here…I put this simple message out about once a year.   Unfortunately most people are so instant gratification driven, so fearful of making it….the seek the “magic bullet” and there is the real problem with finding success.

It’s not an external thing…it comes from within.

This isn’t new….but that doesn’t make it less true.

The really odd thing is that a this simple thought actually is the magic bullet … it was for us and it’s been for 100s of people over the years in our groups…and 10s of 1000s of people over time….

People ask us all the time for that 1 thing….most them them are thinking about getting rich instead of getting wealthy.

You see, happiness doesn’t follow success, success is a by-product of being happy.

Like wise, wealth doesn’t follow financial success, financial success follow wealth.

The kind of wealth that covers all 13 of the riches in life….with money being that last of the 13….things like the riches of play, love, health, relationships, intimacy….

So how do you get wealthy?



It all comes down to trust.


Simple trust.

Give more get more The Key to the vault
Give more get more
The Key to the vault

Can you give without expectation of reciprocity?

Can you trust that Hill, Stone, Haanel, James Allen, Wallace Wattles…Socrates….Plato…..The Buddha and the Carpenter?

You’ve got to give and trust that it will return…and, most likely, not from the same channel and probably not in the same way.

And that’s the trick…understanding that the gifts that come back to you open new vistas.

When giveing away 20-30 leads a week, I was never looking for leads back nor keeping score in my head.

Was I always like that?

No.  Absolutely not.

And it really sucked.

I was brave on the outside but fearful on the inside.

Can you imagine a life without fear?

The only reason people go to big events to hear motivational speakers and other MLMers peddle their crap is the wish that fear will go away and some how something will rub off on them that will make everything OK.

And those hucksters are really good at it….so sad.

Not what those guys or gals are doing…that’s not the sad thing.

The sad thing is that deep inside they know it doesn’t work but they go anyway.


W. Clement Stone
W. Clement Stone

No internal wealth…mired in the false belief that something EXTERNAL will “take away” the fear and generate big bucks.  Good grief.

So, do you?

Do you trust the basic principles that you know, I mean really know…are true?

Success Is Service

Don, the cool guy who gave me the book with Stone’s signature in it….he “gets it”…and it’s why, since he learned the Hero’s Journey Skill Set is “so busy I don’t know how to handle it all”

How do I know?

I asked him to do something more for him, for giving me the book.

He said, “not necessary.”

I pressed to do something for him.

He dropped the hammer.

“It’s a gift.”

My eyes welled up.  I met a kindred spirit.

His group is exploding.   A clue?

He was GIVING without expectation….and trusting Emerson’s Law of Compensation

The cool thing right now?

You know it’s true.

Read the essay every day for one month.

Look up all the words, Emerson’s was precise…we’re sloppy.

When you “get it” and you wil if you’ll commit and execute…’ll have tapped true wealth and the success, money and pin levels will follow.

Of course, you can argue the point…..but you’re not arguing with me, right?

Just arguing with everyone of the “illuminated” ones….and 3500 years of true wealth consciousness….

Success is service

And, of course, with yourself….because, you know it is true.

Give more, get more


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for Sharing
Mahalo for Sharing

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