4 Ways to Set Up a Power Week

1. Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.

We so often see people wanting to have everything perfect before they begin that they never begin.

There are 2 reasons for this because there are only 2 types of reps in the world.

One type is avoiding work, the other type is making the perfect the enemy of the good.

Example:  A rep is supposed to make 3 ways with their upline on Monday and 25 names and numbers will easily cover the time slot.  As they start to make the list, [if the ever do], everything from cleaning the cellar to organizing the attic takes priority over this group…..procrastination.  Avoiding the work.

A second rep sits down and starts putting names down but worries that they are not the right ones…..not perfect for the business…..judging the responses, worried they’ll say no and the upline will think they have no credibility.  They are making the ‘perfect the ememy of the good.’

Setting up a power week today:  Just write down 25 names; remember every zero knows a hero and every dud knows a stud.  The average person knows 1500 people …..this has been proven over and over and over…..so just make a list, put everyone who comes to mind on the list.   Everyone you have ever done business with, from your dry cleaner to the principle at your kid’s school to your real estate agent or landlord, owes your a listen for 2 minutes.

You can’t get started till you get started and you cannot control the reaction of others.  Wooden taught that the ‘the more concerned we are about the things we cannot control, the less we’ll do about the things we can control.’ You can control making a list and making calls.

2. If we don’t aim at perfection we become complacent.

This might seem to be a contradiction but it is not.  Be perfect in the things you can control ……and the one thing we really have control over is ourselves.

In the end, it is all about what we say and what we do when we are talking to a prospect.  This is a skill….but it is easy to learn and easy to master.

You have got to practice…..we play in the game like we practice.

Here is a fool proof way to get 94% of the folks you engage with to say yes….learn, practice, master and achieve.  Aim for perfection with these 2 skills that work.

Skill 1

Skill 2

Setting up a power week today: Take 2 hours and master what to say and what to do.  If we don’t know what to say and do, what is the point of building the list.  Some reps who are hearing lots of ‘no’s’ will think, “I know what to say” without realizing that it simply is not working.  How about you?  You can set up a power week with study and practice…..is there any reason you would not want to get a yes 94% of the time?

95% of the folks reading this will not click on the skills, learn and practice……5% will.  You just need to decide which group you belong to.  🙂

3. Be prepared

Do the list building and other non income producing things that need to be done in what I like to call off times…..times when it would be inappropriate to contact folks …..like Sunday night after 10 or early Sunday morning.

The feeling of walking into your office and having everything ready to go so you can go-go-go gives you a tremendous boost in your confidence……you feel like a pro….and it’s fantastic.

The Boy  Scouts are right….be prepared.  Got 3 reps you are helping tomorrow with calls?  Great.  Chances are one of them will bail, maybe 2……if they do, and you have worked on your own list you can make calls….or you can be unprepared and complain to your spouse that your reps are holding you back.

Setting up a power week today: Be Prepared…..Choose to get your administration stuff, list building, email catching up etc., tonight.  Go the extra mile at 9 or 10 on Sunday night.  Winners do non-income producing work at times when it is not good manners to contact prospects so they are ready when the bell rings……losers procrastinate in ‘off hours’ and do admin & prep stuff when they could be contacing prospects.  Setting up a power week is getting obvious, isn’t that true?

4. Reward yourself.

Rewarded behavior gets repeated.

Do the work, no excuses.

At Notre Dame during every pre-game ritual at home….the chant from the coaches contains the thought that ‘no one comes into our house and pushes us around’……

Poor preparation on our part is letting our bad habits come into our house and push us around.

No one can ‘break’ a habit…..it’s got to be replaced with new habit and the very best way to reinforce a new habit is with a reward.

Setting up a power week today: So you skip the ball game today to prepare……but you can reward it and view it when you are done……or have some ice cream…..or play with your hobby…….just link it as a reward for doing the work and utter to yourself “I earned this deserve this for a job well done.”


Mom is struggling getting integrated with folks her own age, 88…..at least in her age group…..but keeps looking for different things.  Her courage and zest for life continues to humble me.  Blind, wobbley while walking, not knowing anyone, she keeps making calls to different agencies and stays optimistic despite one setback after another…..and we think calling prospects is hard?  Gimme a break….. humbled and inspired by her daily.

Courage is all around us and if you take the time to look, it’s all around you too.   Identify it and embrace it because we all are what we think about all day long.

My daughter Chelsea gets here today.  Her friends at work are jealous…..she tells them if they ever want to know how to take 3 twenty-one day vacations a year they should cut out a happy hour and check out her website. 🙂

Apropos of Nothing. 1. How come the more communication tools we get, skype, texting etc, to help us communicate the poorer our communication skills get?  2. Are Smart-phone replacing PCs? 3. Red Sox & Yankees playing this weekend, best rivalry in sports.  Why do rivals bring out the best in winners and the worst in losers?   4. You win some, you lose some and sometimes you get rained out…but winners dress for them all.  5. Internet is hurting product driven deals but helping service driven deals.


1. Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value – Einstein

Went to get mom a dish of sorbet yesterday.  The woman is the shop said she had a great passion fruit sherbert but ‘if you really want sorbert, there is a shop 3 doors down that makes the best sorbert I’ve ever had’…..stunning….instead of making a sale, she made us customers for life…..she is a woman of value.

2. When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking – Einstien

Are we looking at our lists, challenges, schedule and life and trying to fit the business in or are we living in the dream and only doing things that will manifest it?  We can’t do both. once we stopped looking at all the circumstances making it impossible to get to Kauai and started living here in our minds around the clock everything changed.  Follow Albert’s advice and live in your version of Kauai now…..around the clock……you’ll be surprised.

3. The road to perdition has ever been accompanied by lip service to an ideal – Einstien

Odd how many people get involved in a home based business and tell their families they are doing it for them and instantly start spending less time with their families……and we wonder why they are not so supportive? 🙂  Before making out your work schedule, make dates with your family…..your spouse will be stunned, you kids delighted and they’ll become supportive because of the change in you.   Don’t worry about where you’ll find the time…..you will intuitively stop surfing the web and watching TV…..you’ll feel great about yourself and that is always the best thing you can do for your business…..we don’t get successful and spend more time with loved ones….we spend more time with love ones and become successful….before we ever cash a check.

4. The other night I ate at a real nice family restaurant. Every table had an argument going – George Carlin

The two biggest reasons for divorce…..the overriding arguments…..are about money and the kids.  Can we agree that is there was a lot more money coming in there would be a lot less arguements over the kids?  You better believe it.  You have an opportunity right now that can help some people eliminate both of those problems.  More money means more time together with each other and the kids.  Those morons in D.C. are not going to make a difference in those 2 areas….they are going to make it worse…..you can make a difference……so can I……let’s all save a marriage this year.

5. Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? – George Carlin.

Not everyone is going to see the solution to bondage economically is your home-based business.  If reps spent half as much time making calls to new prospects as they do telling other reps about how stupid prospects are, what idiots they are …..they’d advance in pin level and pay check every 3 to 6 weeks.


The survey results are in.  We’ll be doing 2 webinars based on your input.  They’ll be posted sometime today.  It was pretty clear folks wanted to learn how to present and close prospects, listening skills and creating prospects on demand.

The specific information about how to earn a scholarship for the 6 month course we do will be posted through our mailing list ….with the early birders being notified the day before.  You can can early notification by emailing The Fabulous Davene at davene13j@gmail.com provided you’ve opted into our mailing list.  If you’ve already contacted her about this $1500 scholarship, there is no need to do it again.  The course will begin the last week of September.  Details about the requirements to obtain a scholarship coming by video in early September, right after the 2 webcasts above.



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