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We’re very excited to discover what networkers need and what they believe they need.  These two are really close… but as any experienced networker can tell you there is a big distinction.

Networkers that are brand new often lack the experience to identify accurately what they need.  Folks that have experience, on the other hand, often overlook the growth of their business – which isn’t where they want it to be – and maintain staunch attitudes about what they think they need….hmmmm

The value of surveying large groups of people, in this case we asked over 1000 to offer their opinion, gives us priceless information and insight into where to begin coaching.  Let’s face it, if we continue to blame people as uncoachable and never look at our coaching skills we’re leaving our business to chance.

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OK, let’s look at some graphs so you can pick up some leadership tips.


We’ve been carrying the message for over a year that it’s educated distributors not prospects that drive businesses.  The first survey response shows people are getting the message and beginning to understand that skilled distributors not prospects drive businesses.  What one can learn from this bit of information is people want to learn how to bring the business up and how to sponsor.  The Hip Hip Hooray is for the apparent death of the addiction people have to leads….well, at least it is dying.




Large check earners know this but we often forget it.  There lies within this next graph a huge piece of information that will help any team builder avoid discouragement within the ranks.

Let’s face it, prospects lie.

New reps don’t know this.  The lying prospect is not really a liar but they have themselves convinced that it’s OK to lie about not showing up for an appointment – they really believe it’s OK to lie believing they are sparing someone’s feelings.

As you can see by the chart below prospects not keeping their word is mega frustrating for your distributors.

Learning a few simple skills and explaining to reps that they need to pin prospects down helps but doing it with them, teaching them these skills will insulate them from what you can see is massive, huge, big frustration.  Only a poor coach – poor coaches get poor duplication – would ignore this and tell their team it’s a numbers game.



The way this chart was scored is the lower the number the higher the frustration.

You can see ‘People not showing up for appointments’ is the number 1 frustration, followed by people who say they will review information but will not.

This is big time frustration for people and telling them it is a numbers game is dumb….it does not deal with their frustration.


The next chart clearly shows that while everything is important to reps a whooping 74% said they wanted a class that includes everything on the list.

More important is they want it in 90 days or less.

What does this tell a good coach?

You’ve got about 90 days to get people trained and profitable.  This really should help everyone understand that sponsoring 30 or 40 people a month is absolutely ridiculous.


Winners know that skilled distributors who can teach are much more valuable than 30 new people that no one could possibly render quality coaching to.















This really us what leadership means.  Finding out what to do first and doing it with people.

The last graph makes it pretty clear when viewed in the context of the other information provided.  People want to know 2 basic things.

1. How to bring the business up, recruiting

2. How to teach people to recruit.

So what we need to teach are those two things and how to set firm follow up appointments while helping new reps also learn how to handle “untruthful” prospects.



Better coaches make good teams better teams and it’s a lot easier to coach when you can understand the frustrations and needs of people enrolling in your business as well as the ones already in your business.


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

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  • Powerful! Most know this intellectually, yet have a hard time accepting on an emotional level which is where it is most necessary.

  • I agree Chuck, even after we acquire the head knowledge, we have a hard time moving it to our heart/belief system.

  • We’ve got to be better coaches Jim……

    We can’t save them all, but we can get improve our coaching skills.

    Thank for stopping by, always appreciate you

    mark j

  • I agree it is all about being the best coach and continue to improve. Thanks Mark

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