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No, it’s not a statement to grab your attention.  Really.

Most people have this idea that hitting a pin level with their MLM or an income level will make them successful.

Sorry ladies, for the language….but that pin level or income figure is not success…’s bullshit.  Believing that some wonderful feeling or change is going to occur within us when we ‘hit’ that level, that we will ‘feel’ successful when we ‘do ‘get there’ is why I say success is an imposter.

Money just makes people more of what they are.

Always has, always will.

Everybody knows that success can and is defined 1000 different ways by a 1000 different people but failure is always describe the same way… Og Mandino points out…..failure is a person’s inability to reach their goals in life, whatever they may be.

Turns out real success is knowing ‘how’ to achieve our goals, not the goals themselves.

Once you know ‘how’ does anything else really matter?   It’s like magic once we understand that both success and failure are imposters…….and everybody knows that a strategy based on a lie [or an imposter] is doomed.

Maybe that explains why so many people who do ‘hit’ the level they were shooting for are rarely happy…..can’t help but shoot for the next level believing that will make them happy……and surrender to the pressure to keep getting bigger.

On the other hand the tiny percentage of people who learn ‘how’ to accomplish what they set out to do…..the ones who ‘know’ it’s ‘done before they’ve even begun’…….have a quiet confidence and peace that is compelling …..because they have discovered the meaning of 1 word and what it takes to ‘become’ that word.

So what is that one word we must truly understand and become?


Once we know it is NOT a characteristic and we take the 4 tiny steps to develop 4 tiny habits…..everything not only gets easy……we know we are already successful and all we have to do to keep it is…….drum roll please……. give it away……again and again.  Very cool.

Here is what Hill has to say……and let’s remember……he spent 25 years studying this and found ‘rags to riches’ people all, as in every single one of the 10’s of 1000s, had these 4 tiny habits…..

There are four simple steps which lead to the habit of PERSISTENCE. They call for no great amount of intelligence, no particular amount of education, and but little time or effort.”

Trust me on this…….I’ve got no great amount of intelligence or education…..nor did I put in much time or effort…..but both myself and wifey, The Fabulous Davene committed to these 4 tiny habits and that, really, is the root of our blessings in business and life.

You can get the step-by-step directions to persistence right here as well as a free copy of Think and Grow Rich.

The question becomes……can you think of single reason not to do it right now?

See, there are only 2 types of people in the world of network marketing……those who think getting to a pin level will make them successful and those who learn the formula that makes people successful.

That’s really a deeper than it appears statement.

What would you be willing to do to learn how to be a successful person?  You see, the pin level doesn’t turn us into successes…..successful people turn themselves into achievers.

And that’s a massive difference.

You Can’t Miss If You Create 4 Tiny Habits & Keep Giving Them Away.

Once we know persistence is NOT a characteristic but the by-product of 4 tiny habits……and persistence conquers all…..we get to keep it by giving it away.

And the more we give it away, the more our groups sponsor…..persistence is what duplicates and everybody knows duplication is caught, not taught.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’d like to drop in on a Think and Grow Rich Mastermind call…….it’s free and we don’t sell anything…..we just keep giving it away 🙂


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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