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Do these interloping con artists ever tire of raising the income level?  It’s like watching a John Woo film for gosh sakes……he’s the director who blows stuff up for 35 minutes to end a film.  The inter-lopers are now promising 7 figure incomes and the secrets that will get you there, what a crock of bullshit.  They just keep raising the number…..of lies.

My streak is now over 300 people I’ve emailed who make these claims, asking for proof of their PERSONAL success in an MLM or authentic home-based business…….and in return I will contact over 17,000 people in organizations we’ve built and recommend them.

Zero proof…….from anyone, ever.

We thank the Universal Mind daily for the four light-bulb moments that altered our destiny……it’s made it easy to see through these pied pipers, the truth really does set you free.

Of course to access the truth we need to submerge our egos, no easy task for most people.


Network marketing and home based businesses are skill based businesses.

If we are going to make some money we need to talk to some people.

The very first thing we need to learn to do is talk to people. There is one simple skill and 2 words that altered our career and that is great but the bigger piece was learning it’s all about skills.

If you are a nurse and you want to become a computer programmer, you’d know learning some skills would be a requirement.


Dreams do not build businesses.

Goals, a big why and determination are all cool things but they will not build a business.

Don’t agree?

Show your goals to someone else and ask them to join so you can get what you want.

See how far it gets you.

Getting other people what they want is a wonderful thought but the truth is most people are so battered time and money wise that they cannot even concieve of what they want……they just want the bleeding to stop.

Once I stopped pitching the ‘ideal’ , $25,000 a month lifestyle of the Rich & Famous and found out what people were scared about, in pain about and helped them help themselves get some relief, their belief level went up in several areas:

  • In themselves
  • In the future
  • In the industry
  • In the team
  • In the training
  • In the American Dream


Don’t ask a naked man for the shirt off his back.

Most people that join our industry are short on both time and money.

First 2 things we ask them for?

Time and money.


Ease them in……for get the big goal statement, just help them get their initial investment back.  Stop painting the big picture of the future…..the people making ‘gangster money’ are NOT working 8-10 hours a week.

Telling Sally about Tom who makes 18,000 a month, goes to every event and is working 8-12 hours a day is like asking a naked man for the shirt off his back.

Here is what we’ve done very successfully.

We tell new people, after running them through a little 15 minute training at sign-up called ‘The Ink Is Still Drying” that there are 3 ways to work this business.

  1. Country Road – 6-10 hours a week, about a 3-4 year plan to double their current income
  2. State Highway – 12-20 hours a week, about a 2 year plan to double their income
  3. Expressway – 30-40 hours a week, about a 9-18 month plan to double their income.

KEY: Let them choose then mentally reduce what they wanted to commit in time by 20%

As Lightbulb 2 begins to take effect, they will ‘up’ the rate of speed.


It is not a relationship, people or product business……it is a “first things first business.”

Yeah, yeah……you can argue this one and you will if you don’t like recruiting……and let’s be honest…….no one who has actually done recruiting consistently likes it.  Buyers are liars, reps don’t make lists, folks don’t show up for follow ups……..

Anyone who says they like it has never really done it.

Would I like it to be about all those warm fuzzy things?

Of course?

Giving pep talks, conference calls that are rah-rah, top pin levels talking about their lifestyles …… sitting in living rooms or coffee shops and ‘helping’ them get over an unsupportive spouse…….yeah, it would be cool if that was the job; but it isn’t.

Getting along with people helps but nothing helps forge a relationship like helping people make money ….and since most of them [see Lightbulb 2] don’t have much time, keep first things first: we must keep them on target…..focused on income producing, goal advancing activities: RECRUITING.  If they are not hitting the target, that is you instruction, not them.

What is that?

Gal is working 7 hours a week?  All 7 hours recruiting with you.

Guy is working 9 hours a week?  All 9 hours recruiting.

It’s your job, my job to keep first things first….and that is Lightbulb 1 – get their money out and their belief up.

Look, nobody wants to recruit…..including you…..but we’ve always looked at it like this: If they trusted you enough to join, show them what to do by doing it with them and, above all, that means keeping first things first.

Get on the phone and great things happen……including great relationships if for no other reason than you are helping someone else and keeping an implied or stated promise.

First things first.

Get them out of pain, in positive cash flow and teach them how to help others do the same and you will have great relationships.


mark januszewski

master key master mind alliance

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