Choosing to Stay in Commodity Hell?

We say “no” but our behavior belies our thought.


Getting out of denial is key.

Denial will keep anyone stuck in anything, we all know this.

Well, that’s not really true.  Folks in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance know this, just like any business student does.

A few days back we started a 5 part series about how every deal, to a prospect, sounds the same.

A lot of what we’ve experienced success-wise was because of understanding we are in commodity hell and leveraging some information I picked up from Oren Harari’s great book, Breaking From the Pack.

A few of the responses really had me chuckling as some folks continue to cling to the size of their market or their ‘special product/service’ that is going to change the world.

I hope it does.

The Godfather Knew

I mean I really hope your product or service does…but with all due respect…nothing has ever come out of the direct sales business that has.

“It’s not personal, it’s just business,” is what I really mean here folks.

People join people, not companies.

And let’s always remember, especially in networking, people make the company, not the other way around.

You have a chance, a real chance, every time you talk to someone to help him/her change their life on some level.

Clinging to the ‘uniqueness’ of your product of plan is a death sentence, you know this from the previous posts.

Love your plan, product, company?  Great?

It means nothing in terms of building a big business.

Repeat after me…”It’s not personal, it’s just business.”

Is it Lasting?

The ‘thing’ you are marketing will build staying power but it won’t build it.

People build it.

The biggest builders are the ones out of denial and who are looking for that crazy 3 % who want to be a part of something bigger and something exciting.

Nothing is more exciting than people who passionately stand for something.

Nothing is more boring than ingredients or technological advances.


3 Ways to Lose

In the meantime, for those who really want an edge, we’ve got to come from a place of what goes through the prospects head, not our belief in our product.

Look, all that is great, but it will not build a business.

Great products or services will SUSTAIN your organization but they will not build it.

Staying loyal to ‘the greatest thing since sliced bread’ thinking will keep you broke because it will keep you mired in the pack, in commodity hell.

Oren covers 10 points in his book that people do to keep themselves stuck in the pack.

I’ve highlighted the 3 biggest mistakes MLMer’s repeat to stay in commodity hell in this short video.


Here are the other 2 huge mistakes that keep people in the pack.

4. The compulsion to lower the cost.

Oh, my gosh.  Some really decent networkers have gone done this road without thinking.

The lower the cost of your product, the more people you need.

It does not work, and ‘the biggest thing that was ever going to hit the industry’ because of a 20 buck a month product has raised its prices a few times in the last year.

In a down economy, lower prices do not get people in.

Gosh, the math on a 20 buck a month deal is crazy bad.

And now we have these insipid ‘zero’ sign-up deals.

Is that really what your time is worth?

5. The compulsion to recruit instead of build teams

I put this one in here.

It’s not a recruiting business, it’s a teaching business and you’ve got to teach people one simple skill: how to talk to people.

Folks, that is network marketing…gathering prospects is not network marketing.


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