December MLM Success

Ready to Crush December?

I’m Stunned!

Thanks for all the emails and calls about yesterday’s blog, Want an Edge in MLM? Shhhh! Dec. Is Easiest Recruiting Month.

People are ‘got it’!

What did they get?

There is no time of year when people are more aware of how little time and money they have.  Everybody knows this.

What people “got” was not to let the commonality of the same excuse from excuse makers influence them.  The same amount of people come to the table in December as any other month but they are three times easier to close if you know how.  Click Here to read yesterday’s blog.

I promised in yesterday’s blog, which covered the concept of why December is a kick-ass recruiting month that I would share 3 things anybody can do right now to set up a winning December.

Everybody knows what we do in December determines how the first quarter goes and everybody says the first quarter of the year really determines what’s going to happen over the next 9 months of the year.

December MLM Success

Winning December is easy if you do 3 simple things.  If you teach people on your team – and you can teach them just by sending them this blog – next year won’t be big, it will be bigger than you can think.

Here are the 3 things.

Here are the 2 skills I promised.  Click Here

Our year is already a lock.  Wishing the same December MLM success for you.


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

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  • Hey Mark,

    I love things that can be fully implemented in 3 SIMPLE STEPS like the ones you outline in the video above. I will do them and teach them to my team…post-haste.

    See you on the beaches of the world!

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