Blog   3 Question – 10 Second Quiz: Is That Inter-webbie Thing Your Helper or Excuse Machine?


The more they stay the same….

Winners get it done, leverage change and share……the also-rans and want-to-be’s make excuses.

And the computer, your computer is the biggest helper or excuses making machine in history.

At the core, I mean the absolute core on all statements about success and failure is one thing.

Action.  Action on the primary traction point.  It’s where network marketing skills come into play.

The goal?

Doesn’t matter.


How can I say it doesn’t matter?

Sponsoring people.

Getting rid of weight.

Making a sale.

Exercises to be in great shape.

All the same.  They all have a PRIMARY action that needs to be completed for the objective to be obtained.


This quiz will instantly determine if the www is a helper of excuse machine for you.

True or false.

1. Since I started using the Internet for my business, I talk to more than 5 BRAND NEW prospects daily, everyday.

2. My business is growing at better than 15% a month.

3. The VERY first thing I do when I get to my desk is call prospects

If you answered 2 or more false that inter-webbie thing is an excuse machine.

If you debated over the last question, in your mind…, ‘I have to get online to see who to call’……you’ve got serious problems.  🙂



If our business is not growing and we defend our method of operation, I hate to tell you…..but that is denial.


The Jets went to New England and ‘upset’ Patriots.

Made Pat’s fans mad and/or sad.

Made Jet fans pretty happy.

Same exact event, different effect.

Same with that inter-webbie thing sitting on your desk.

Some people using it to manage themselves better, creating more time to contact prospects while other people use it to pretend to work their business but in reality are doing everything except building their business.

If we are going to make some money, we know……I mean we really, really know……we’ve got to talk to people.

Some people will leverage the Internet and their computer to free up time and talk to more people.  Most people will not……. it has become the excuse making machine frustrated MLMer’s who are too lazy pick up the phone have coveted for decades.


So I run a survey, just under 100 people.  All striving to succeed.  Find out, after 4 months of challenging training, 90% of the group are working their businesses less than 2 hours and 30 minutes a week.  A week!

What does this mean?

Well. some of the group has full time jobs…….a good number would be 10 hours a week contacting prospects.

They’re missing the mark by a whopping 75%.

Some of the group do not have ‘jobs’ and could easily put in 30 hours.

They are missing the mark by 95%.   95%?  Are you kidding me?

In today’s fragile economy?

That choice, to get in front of a screen instead contact prospects and ‘pretend’ we are working is scary.

What are they looking for?  On that screen?

Pros know it’s never been easier.


It used to take 40 minutes to sign someone into your business, then you had to mail the application in.

Now it takes 5 minutes and they can do it themselves – more time to call prospects.

Orders – used to take time…..way back, we’d deliver product or initial orders.

Now?  Included in first order.  More time for winners to call prospects.

Getting and staying organized, with different forms, was tough back then…and brochures, compensation plan sheets, comparison sheets, notebooks……really tough.  And companies changed things and we needed to throw all of it out, order in new stuff…..well, you get the idea.  Today?  All on line.  Awesome.  More time to call prospects.

So what are people doing that are not growing?

What are they doing on the web?

Well, it seems like they have lots of answers when confronted about some new thing, getting organized, viruses, breakdowns…….but that is not what they are doing.


There are only 2 types of networkers concerning the web.

Winner’s love it because it gives them more time to contact and talk to prospects – for themselves and for their teammates.

Non-winners love it because now they can pretend they are doing something to advance their business.

Winners know that if they are going to make some money they need to talk to people, non-winners love searching the web to find a way to NOT talk to people.

And, in the end, the choices we make determine the outcome.

We can use technology to increase the ONE activity that will grow our business or we can choose to use this amazing technology to decrease and justify NOT doing the one thing that will grow our business.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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