Blog   3 Musts to Elevate Your MLM Business


In the end it is not the plan, product or company that elevates our game….

They are important….they are the core of our integrity so we feel good about what we are representing…..

BUT…..they will not raise our game…..we do that…..or we do not.




Is what you are representing authentic?

Making sure you are representing what you think a company is telling you really is a simple process….

 Get 3rd party verification …..

  • NEVER take someone else’s word for ‘due diligence’…..
  • Do your own dilligence’
  • Forget ‘google’ as the final word….start? Yes.
  • Final word? No Way.

1. BBB

2. DSA

3. Meet/talk with the upline partners, at least 3 of them.   Here is what to ask:

  • If this is the ONLY company they are with?
  • Why did you come here?
  • What past successes have you had?
  • Do you promote other programs and tools in this organization, [yes? Big Ut-Oh….uplines peddling tools, systems etc., are simply not as available.  Trust this: Uplines in the tool business see downlines as profit pockets.  If you’re OK with that, proceed.  I’m not.  I don’t want uplines building a business inside my business.
  • They don’t need to be ‘big successes’ but they need to be earners and growing.  Make sense?

4. Verify their previous success….

  • Are they committed?
  • Much of your success will depend on accessibility to your upline, especially in the beginning.



If Your Upline Isn't All In, Should You Be?

KEYA committed upline will tell you ‘volumes’ about the company….if they don’t have all their eggs in the basket  …..why should you put all your eggs in the basket?

The commitment level of experienced people above you is a great indication of how they REALLY feel about the company….and really, who really knows better about a company than check-cashers?

If the are making money and looking at other things, dabbling in other things, something is ‘rotten in the State of Demark,” and it’s a RED FLAG when check-cashers have a wandering eyes.

So…’ve gone to go BBB & DSA, got 2 thumbs up …..and you believe the upline is ‘all in,’ on this deal.

Drum roll……


Get a firm commitment of time from upline monthly, weekly and daily…..their willingness to commit speaks volumes.

Get 3-way Committments From Upline

Before enrolling get 7 hours scheduled for 3-ways from your sponsor and his/her upline a month, each for the first 2 months.  Think about it.  It’s less than 2 hours a week, each for 2 months.  If they pass this acid test, then you get to work with 4 people and will learn from check-cashers and you’ll learn faster.

Why ?  The learning curve is accelerated if we are hearing the same things from more people.

KEY: if they’re not willing to bet on you …..why should you bet on them?

If you stick with this format…’ll make a good choice, the right choice.  Commit.


Now you’re worry free …..from second guessing your decision……

……and the responsibility of succeeding will fall where it should fall.

On you.

Learn  network marketing skills, leverage your upline and grow.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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