Elevating Our Game

In the end, it is not the plan, product or company that elevates our game…

They are important  They are the core of our integrity so we feel good about what we are representing.

BUT…they will not raise our game  We do that…or we do not.



Is what you are representing authentic?

Making sure you are representing what you think a company is telling you really is a simple process…

 Get 3rd party verification.

  • NEVER take someone else’s word for ‘due diligence’
  • Do your own diligence’
  • Forget ‘google’ as the final word…start? Yes.
  • Final word? No Way.

1. Better Business Bureau

2. Direct Sellers Association

3. Meet/talk with the up-line partners, at least 3 of them.   Here is what to ask:

  • Is this is the ONLY company they are with?
  • Why did you come here?
  • What past successes have you had?
  • Do you promote other programs and tools in this organization, (yes? Big Ut-Oh! ) Up-lines peddling tools, systems, etc., are simply not as available.  Trust this: Up-lines in the tool business see down-lines as profit pockets.  If you’re OK with that, proceed.  I’m not.  I don’t want up-lines building a business inside my business.
  • They don’t need to be ‘big successes’ but they need to be earners and growing.  Make sense?

4. Verify their previous success

  • Are they committed?
  • Much of your success will depend on accessibility to your up-line, especially in the beginning.

After the Research, Upline

If Your Upline Isn’t All In, Should You Be?

KEYA committed up-line will tell you ‘volumes’ about the company.  If they don’t have all their eggs in the basket, why should you put all your eggs in the basket?

The commitment level of experienced people above you is a great indication of how they REALLY feel about the company, and really, who really knows better about a company than check cashers?

If they are making money and looking at other things, dabbling in other things, something is ‘rotten in the State of Demark,” and it’s a RED FLAG when check-cashers have wandering eyes.

So…you’ve gone to go BBB & DSA, got 2 thumbs up and you believe the up-line is ‘all in,’ on this deal.

Drum roll…

Now, the Acid Test

Get a firm commitment of time from up-line monthly, weekly and daily…their willingness to commit speaks volumes.

Get 3-way Commitments From Upline

Before enrolling get 7 hours scheduled for 3-ways from your sponsor and his/her up-line a month, each for the first 2 months.  Think about it.  It’s less than 2 hours a week, each for 2 months.  If they pass this acid test, then you get to work with 4 people and will learn from check-cashers and you’ll learn faster.

Why?  The learning curve is accelerated if we are hearing the same things from more people.

KEY: if they’re not willing to bet on you why should you bet on them?

If you stick with this format you’ll make a good choice, the right choice.  Commit.

Elevation is now where it should be

Now you’re worry-free from second-guessing your decision…

…and the responsibility of succeeding will fall where it should fall.

On you.

Learn network marketing skills, leverage your up-line and grow.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • Three things to elevate your business are true to the core. It’s the litmus test. Mark, your information is right on. It’s incredible. Everything you say makes sense, deep down and I wish everyone would take a few minutes a day and listen to what you have to say.

    We’ve investigated our company, according to all of these parameters, and we do have the right company, all the markers of a responsible company are there and the upline is dedicated to helping the downline. Nothing bothers me more than when you hear from people and it’s the flavour of the month. People have found a home here.

    One of the Company’s teams, not even connected to us, is so passionate about growing the interest in our product that they and the company encourage cross line cooperation. This is something that we have never seen before, and it works incredibly well. That is the clincher.

    Thanks for all your efforts, and I look forward to hearing more.


  • When I joined my company I was not looking for a business. I wanted to try the product. I knew nothing about NWM. I happened to get really lucky and am now involved with a great company and have been student of the industry now and love it. I am so fortunate to have learned the skills I need from Mark J(and for free I might add). I also have witnessed what Johnny has that our company distributors are so supportive, upline, downline, crossline. They are a member of the DSA in good standing too. Great advise again Mark, Thanks, Sue

  • Personally, I don’t have a problem with them pitching other tools besides the company as long as I can see value in those tools. We all need tools in our business and if my upline can show me real value and how he/she is using them to succeed, then I am willing to invest in them as well.

    To your success,
    Steven Young
    The Leadership Dr.

  • Integrity is important, personally when I purchase a product or service I want to be comfortable knowing should I experience an issue, I will be able to return to the company for resolution, I did my due diligence and concluded I could be comfortable and move forward to learn skills, great post.

  • Great post Mark and should be required reading not only for anyone evaluating a new opportunity, also for those of us out there prospecting to make sure we stay on point as a prospective business partner.

  • Johnny

    I love your ‘bullseye’ about people so hung up in “the flavour of the month” club….wow, you get it!!

    Passion about the product is not a requirement to succeed but what a great assest in the mind of reps….BRAVO!! A product people really believe in AND money makes for a stronger conviction level in reps on your team and in the company. Seems like you’ve got a grand slam.

    Add ‘skills’, teach them hands on and if we lose the word ‘duplication’ – replace it with ‘education leads to growth’ -and you’ve got something really special.

    So nice to hear from a ‘Pro’ who understands excitement, skills and work is what builds big teams…..not ‘this company is in pre-launch and if you get in now you’ll get rich just by signing up’ 🙂

    I appreicate you stopping by.

    keep growing

    mark j

  • Mama Sama

    Pearls are everywhere….but I understand what you are describing…..I lived it until I found out how all people make decisions…

    I hope you like pearls!

    We’ll be releasing a free video series on Thursday that will have you up to your neck in pearls and with far less effort.

    Make sure your on our list so you get notified or check back here tomorrow & Thursday

    mark j

  • Susan

    Thanks for your kind words…..you are dead center….

    It’s all about skills and thanks for your many contributions to so many people…..it’s not hard to figure out why you are succeeding

    mark j

  • Thanks Tony

    I love the ‘nail on the head’ thing.

    Most people don’t know that they can save a lot of time and effort if they don’t do this:


    And do this instead:

    Ready-aim-fire 🙂

    mark j

  • Intgrity is everything…..and everybdoy who knows you knows you’ve got it Wanda.

    Congrats on your continued success.

    mark j

  • Steven

    Thanks for stopping by and offering a different prespective.

    The rule [unwritten] is ‘test before testimony’

    Too much junk is passed on by others because uplines don’t always realize that they are giving EVERYONE in their group, subconsciously, permission to promote things in their groups……and this creates a distracting ‘free for all’ more often than not.

    People look around on line, inexperienced people, and believe some self-help course or ‘automated’ system will be ‘magic’…..multiply this out times 30 reps…..and you’ve got the hundred people below them getting stuff daily about ‘magic’ …..and before we know it …..people are spending 80% of their time looking at and playing with tools instead of talking to propects. My point.

    Are there some things that can really help?


    I wish there was a way to ‘force’ people to ‘test before testimony’…..meaning use it for 2 months …..then “I found something that has helped me actually sponsor 3 new people and 2 of them are using it and have sponsored 2 each’

    Your point and mine are not far apart as it might appear.

    We’ve promoted 2 tools in 11 years. Both were affliate programs and we kept a public tab on the profit. We then spend 100% of that profit each year – about 10,000 – on reps who showed up at the convention.

    By doing it this way….it puts ‘postive pressure’ on other uplines to ‘share’ and eliminates of this ‘business inside the business’ nonsense. Uplines that ‘share’ are, in the long run, precieved much differently than those who don’t share and …..it sets an example for people further down in the group.

    I’ve always told up&down-lines…..if there isn’t enough profit in the marketing plan, take a hike 🙂

    I can’t express how much I appreciate you offering your point of view…..and taking the time to comment. I guess on this issue I am ‘old school’……..

    After spending some time on your blog [fantastic] it’s clear you’ve hit the ‘sweetspot’ and have that balance nailed. Things [tools] that help maintain focus. I loved your post on the 3 C’s……Bravo!!

    Again, thanks for stopping by.

    mark j

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