Momentum yields success

Your 2018 MLM success really depends on what you begin doing right now.

Not tomorrow.   Not January 2nd.  Now.

Momentum Yields MLM Success

The funny thing about momentum is most people have it backwards.  They seem to think it is; the path to success or elusive, important, hard-to-come-by or it takes luck, etc.  It’s an endless list.

Momentum is none of those things.

Momentum is the by-product of organized planning and execution.  It’s not complicated. Planning for it is easy and we can never have it if we don’t start now, right now.

A couple of simple steps and taking our gift of Mahalo, (thanks here on Kauai), for making this the best year we’ve ever had, (momentum is sweet), and you’ll hit January in full momentum.  That momentum will mandate MLM success for you in 2018.

MLM Success
Organized Planning Leads to Momentum

Each year our subscribers grow and since we don’t advertise the only way that can happen is readers like you sharing our site.   Mahalo, we are grateful.

OK, here’s the truth no one tells you.  The 4th quarter is a flawless indicator of the first and second quarter of 2018.   You’ve got to make some changes now and then master those changes by November and crush December.

December is the best and easiest month of the year in MLM, by far.  It was always our best month and in this 3 month series on this site, I’ll show you how and why it is so easy… and, let’s face it, everyone else has packed it in around a week before Thanksgiving.

It’s not only the easiest time, but there is also virtually no competition!   We’ll get December later in this 3 month step-by-step series to momentum and your best year ever in 2018 but for now, let’s deal with NOW.

MLM Success NOW

Remember, momentum is a by-product of organized planning and execution.  So the first step, and there aren’t a lot of steps, is to ask yourself 2 questions. The only thing that matters here is you being honest with yourself.

Notice, and steal this lesson, these are positive questions.  You cannot build a positive plan with negatives.

First – In the past 9 months, what did I do right?

List all the things you did right, ok?  Write them down… stayed on auto-ship, went to the convention, conference calls, talked to 40 people… ANYTHING you did right.

MLM Success
We plan around the areas needing improvement

Second – What can I improve?

These 9 words are pure gold.

So, the same drill.  Write down what you could improve.  More consistency?  More dials?  How I present my business?  What to say?  Gathering new names?

Write them down.

Momentum for MLM Success

To build an authentic organized plan, we need to “own” the areas of improvement.  Honesty is the handmaiden to greatness and I gotta tell you that anyone can be great in MLM.

Your part: Here’s how this can work for you… it works, it’s just showing up.   Learning how to improve the things you need to improve in October, mastering them in November and growing, then crushing December and moving into momentum while everyone else is making resolutions they will never keep.

My part: I’ll put together an “action-shop” set of free webcasts, videos, action sheets and support systems for you so you can improve.  Again, we want to thank you and this is the idea we decided on for people who are serious about succeeding.

Our part: (meaning you and me)… just fill out this 1 question survey and I’ll analyze it and design the webcasts and videos and action sheets based on your input.  Just click right here

Let’s do this!

Love to know what you think, comments appreciated.


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MLM Success
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