Two words to Success

Rejection sucks.

I just don’t ‘buy’ it’s OK, that is it ‘part of paying the price’.   Do you?

I mean if everyone wants more money, time and to pay less in taxes and we are offering more money, more time and less taxes, why is there so much rejection?

Rejection sucks…no one likes it and rejection is almost as bad as up-line’s who give speeches about attitude, not quitting, hanging in there and the obnoxious, ‘quitters never win and winners never quit.’

Good grief!

2 Words To Get a “YES” from MLM Prospects

Who said anything about quitting.  I just wanted to hear the word ‘yes’.

What is it with up-lines still talking to people like it’s 1975?

People don’t need pep talks, they need skills…network marketing skills.

I wanted ‘yes’ rolling into my ears like…well, like 8 Maids-a-Milking.  I wanted ‘yes’ to flow.

And then, I learned one tiny thing in the lobby of the West Hartford Marriott and my EVERYTHING changed.

Started getting yes 80+% of the time.

Within a week, I was over 90% and it had never stopped.

What’s the one tiny thing?

Here is that free networking skill→2 Words


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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  • Most of them won’t but the few that do will reap the rewards Mark! It took me longer to pick this skill up but I can say without a doubt it works perfectly…it’s almost comical to see the change in someone’s face as they’re thinking, “that’s not me she’s talking about”.

  • the Instant Rapport and Most People skills working together does absolute wonders in striking interest and getting people to say “Yes, get me some information about that!” Thanks Mark – they work like magic, but without the hocus pocus!

  • Mark,
    Thank you again. It also is taking me longer to pick up this skill (the power of the subconscious, maybe) but I realize I just need to do it more.

  • Most people know that push button instant wealth is a myth, but some don’t you know the ones that are too sold on the instant gratification to open their hearts to the truth. But, you have it figured out! When you give enough other people what they want, you get all you need or want.

    Thanks for the wisdom, Richard

  • Mark J- You are SAVING MY LIFE with these skills! I have been passing them onto my team, and streamlining a system for us to learn and put in place. THANK YOU for spreading the word!
    Had you made some damn squeeze page and sold a CD set and all of that, I probably wouldn’t ever have gotten the info. THANK YOU for making these videos!

  • Mark – you are exactly right! The “most people” skill works! I wish I could get my whole team to stop and take the time to learn the skill, but most of them won’t. Thank you for sharing your skills with the world!!

  • Hi Mark-J. I am saying it again Mark you are the Man. Because the most people skills and instant rapport works.

  • Thank you for all you are teaching us. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have an even more amazing 2012. See you next month at the convention. Till then, all the best.

  • Wow! Am I EVER thankful that my friend Jude introduced me to Mark and his great course! I am so thrilled with all I am learning! THANK YOU!

  • Woooohoooo…!!! This does work… I love it!! Simply Genius 🙂

    Mahalo for Sharing. Let’s end Network suffering. I must do your

    course ASAP!


  • There’s no way I’m going to be in that “second” group!!!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful skills.
    You’re making a positive difference for a lot of people.
    And, we know that does go full circle.
    So, kudos to YOU!

  • Hey Mark J,

    I found your site about 6 weeks ago. I’ve been glued to it ever since. Reading, watching, listening and learning every minute! Thank you for teaching the skills that we need to, at least, have a chance at success!

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