2 Riddles Created Success in Network Marketing

My Dad died in Korea when I was 3 years old.  I never knew him.  If he was sitting next to me in a coffee shop or on  a plane, I simply would not know.

I do have a brother Joe who is 9 years older than me and while we are brothers today, for a long time he filled that father role.  I am not sure he wanted it but I think I sorta pushed him into it and he did what bighearted big brothers do.  He stepped up ~ big time.

He was on a fast track with Mobil Oil, a real whiz-kid, [went on to be mega successful, never got off the path], so when I entered the work force after college I was always picking his brain.  And, he obliged.  I got on  a fast track with Combined Insurance and was trained by W. Clement Stone.

Stone was life long friends with Think and Grow Rich author Hill [free copy, no kidding, no up-sell crap, click here] so I heard this great stuff early, had a great role with Joe yet I just could not make the corporate climb.

“You’re too unwilling to bend to make it in the corporate world. ¬†You better start your own business or start bending,” he told me. ¬†This matched the Stone, Hill philosophy so I did. ¬†Nickel and dime stuff but I was learning, earning, failing, growing, building sales teams, losing sales teams…..pretty normal path.

I was getting lots of advice,[wink-wink].  from experts and after years had done OK, [six figures], but not great.

Most of the experts, OK, all of them, had hidden agendas, some helped a little but nothing really career changing. ¬†They all worked one of two ways ~ evoking fear if I did not do ‘that’ ~ or ~ HUGE results that would stun my imagination if I did do ‘this’ ~ they were committed to the dynamic of the pitch to get me emotionally involved ~ they were not committed to my success.

Most of them were full of crap, just selling their stuff ¬†but …..my desire to succeed influenced my judgement; I heard what I wanted to hear I guess. ¬† I heard ~ ‘That there was a shortcut‘ ~ ‘a way to get massive exposure to explode my business‘ ~ and, of course, the always popular with pitchmen ~ the ‘easier way that my competition did not know about,’ ~ ¬†[give me a break, I’m Polish and Italian]…..and, the fear factor at WARP 6 ~ ‘everyone is doing this and if you don’t you’ll be a dinosaur….’

and common sense vanishes when our personal agenda, instead of the flawless observer we all have, is in the top spot.

The cost of running a traditional biz is not cheap and employees compound stress. ¬†So I took a look at multi-level marketing. ¬†Tiny start-up by comparison, bigger pay-out, residual income, yada, yada, yada. ¬†I join. ¬†Guess who shows up? ¬†Experts with ‘secrets¬†and ‘short-cuts’ ~ same type of clowns that show up in every business sub-culture.

I want this to work, I don’t know anything about it so I call Big Brother Joe. ¬†Looking for advice, like I had many times.

Tells me, “I am going to give you a couple of riddles, not suggestions.”

My heart starts pounding, I can feel the adrenaline fear precipitates rushing through me. “Why?”

“Cuz you only take some of what you ask for and you don’t get it.”

Get what?”

“You are ¬†making my point. ¬†What I’ve done with you in past is the same as what’s in your Hill/Stone books.”

What’s that?”

He chuckles, “you’re making my point again.”

Cussing by me, laughter from BB Joe.

“Now,” he says “don’t miss the point of the first riddle. ¬†It not about getting it, it’s about getting the point.”


More laughter.

Here is the first riddle he gives me.

It’s the old west and you’re being chased. ¬†They are hot on your heels and will kill you.

You come to a fork in the road.  One road leads to certain death the other leads to safety.

Indian is sitting at the fork.  There are 2 tribes in the area.

One tribe always tells the truth, the other always lies.

You only have time for 1 question.  There is no way of telling which tribe the Indian sitting at the fork is from.

What question do you ask so you know, with 100% certainty, which road to take?

So let’s do this folks, drop your answer into the comments box and catch this blog tomorrow.

Remember BB Joe’s directions ~ don’t miss the point of the riddle; it far more important than the answer.

The second riddle and the significance of both posted here tomorrow.

It took me 6 years to figure out the way to ask the question, and, I did not get the point for another year.

Once I did, the second riddle, which I had heard before and had plagued me for years instantly was solved and making lots and lots of money, stress free, was never a problem again.

So…go ahead…..hit comment and remember its a 2 part-er….what question do we ask AND what is the point of the riddle?

You don’t need the answer to the riddle to get 100% benefit of it.


mark j

World’s Laziest Networker

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  • I would ask him how many tribes are in the area? If he tells me the correct answer, 2, then I would know I could trust his answer to my second question, which way to safety?

  • In looking at Stan’s answer, he looks like he is on to something. I would like to use Stan’s answer. His logic makes a lot of sense.

  • The 1 question to the Indian: “Who should I tell about many men coming right now to kill Indians?”. Then follow the Indian down the path to safety.

  • Here’s the Real answer: “which path to safety would the Indian from the other tribe tell me to take?”. Whichever path is pointed to, take the other one.

  • Doesn’t work…..there is a question….1 simple question…..that will insure you take the correct path….and that is the point….the correct path and asking the right questions to make certain you’re on the correct path

  • i would ask…
    id ask for the path to the indians who lie..
    so when the pursuers come theyll lie about having seen me!

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