Your December Strategy?

…equals Boom or Bust in 2011.

So we’ve learned from Covey how to find and use our voice and it makes sense.

But here comes December…ut-oh…holidays?  No one wants to start a business in December.  There’s too much going on.

Years ago a shoe company sent two salesmen to Australia.different modes of transportation, neither knew the other was there.

Within in 24 hours. one salesman contacted the company.

One said, “Aborigines don’t wear shoes, get me home now!”

The other said, “Aborigines don’t wear shoes, send boatloads!”

Guess which one made money, lots of it?

Networkers and December are the same

Pros have their best months while amateurs pack it in.

December is the foundation for the upcoming year and most networker pack it in by the 10th of December.

That is fine with me.  It narrows the field by 90% or more.

And that 90% spend the first 6 weeks of the next year trying to get people going again.

WOW.  That means they are shut down from December 10th till the middle of February, giving me and people who know the December Solution an immense advantage over those who have, in essence, closed their business for two months.

Let’s put this in perspective.  Imagine you own a family-style restaurant and there is another family-style restaurant across the street.  Both of you are competing for the same dollars and from the same families.  How would you feel if the guy across the street closed for two months?  Pretty good, right?

Imagine the field day that people who know these two strategies have when 95% of all network marketers shut down.  That would be like 95% of the restaurants near you closing down.  Very cool.

There are two considerations.

Consideration #1

After it’s all said and done about 20% of the people that we talk to are serious candidates.  80% are not.

Here’s the trick.

In months like June and July, any month except December, the 80% give us stupid excuses.  They say things like, “I gotta fix my porch, I’m going on vacation, I just got back from vacation, etc.”  And we press on and keep talking to people.

But in December that same 80% has a “go-to” excuse.  “Give me a call after the holidays.”  What happens is amateurs hear the same excuse over and over rather than a bunch of different ones and they start to believe that no one wants to talk to them till after the holidays.  They believe the collective consciousness of the 80% and pack it in.

So consideration 1 is understanding this built-in excuse is really the same as the excuses in all the other months.  But here is where it gets interesting.  The 20% that comes to the table in the other months are “pretty interested” and the 20% that comes to the table in December are highly interested, ready to buy and ready to join.

A little common sense.  What month of the year does a lack of money and a lack of time resonate the most?


December has always been my highest recruiting month because I know that people who come to the table don’t want to feel the same way next December as they do right now.  Closing them is so easy and you’ll see that in the video.

Consideration #2

Your team.  Use this blog or the video from it to get your team to understand what a bonanza December is for 2 reasons.  One consideration one.  Two, the fact that all other networkers have quit by December 10th.

The key is to sell your team on next year being their best year and it’s really easy if you follow this simple suggestion.

Meet with your teammates and ask them if they want 2011 to be a record year.  Have them write or re-write a goal statement.  Go over their goals with them and use the techniques in this post, The Influencer.

In essence, you take their goal statement and using the information gleaned from The Influencer you schedule 8-10 hours of calls with them during the first two and a half weeks of December, helping them improve, teaching them skills.

Because December is such an easy month to recruit and you’ve made 18-24 hours of calls with people they have to many things going on, sign-ups, getting people started etc. that they end up skilled, growing and authentically optimistic when January 1st comes along.

While others scramble to get their teams re-started, you and your teams pull further and further ahead.


Tweet this and email it to your team…and watch what happens.


Mark Januszewski

The World’s Laziest Networker

About the Author

  • HI MARK,
    This strategy does work, I used it yesterday and my prospect changed his mind, have a follow up scheduled for Friday.

  • Thanks Mark for the info. I just signed up for two presentations one Monday and one Wednesday. Thanks again.
    Aileen Johnson

  • Thanks Mark,
    I just sent link for the second time to my Team along with my Dec. Calendar.
    I’ll email it to you and Davene as well.

    I am getting caught up slowly.
    Thanks so much for your guidance.
    Agape’ Darlene

  • I could NEVER UNDERSTAND why business owners “Network Marketers” did this. I always get accused of building the business’s while I am asleep lol!

    I guess that is good huh?

    This GREAT ADVICE Mark!

    Thank you for sharing it… (Well sort of lol) Because now those that use to close their doors, will leave them open! LOL JUST KIDDING!

    Have an AMAZING Week!!!

    Tony Profit

  • Mark,

    Once again, a great post. By great I mean an article that is truly practical. Advice that can be implemented immediately by novice or pro that will definitely make a difference in their business measured by results.


  • Darlene I am so glad that I am not the only one that has to catch up!!!. Without a computer for 3 weeks I have been working hard. It was nice to have a break for those of that were having a problem so we could catch up,
    Aileen Johnson

  • Mark I want you to know that I had two presentations today and booked two followups. The gentleman wants to speak with someone in PA to see how successful they have been. I do not have a contact there. I have been reading a lot of blogs today and reading a lot just trying to work it all with my business. I am having a blast but I do run out of gass.

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