2 = 1 ? Yup, and 1000’s Prove it Everyday 

There is a fascinating group online these days.

They prove 2=1 all day long. Stunning.

So stunning that people reach for their credit cards like babies reaching for candy.

We know why they do it.  They want your money.

How do they do it? It’s really the oldest game in the con artist’s manual.

Let me explain the principle this way.

Examine the math statements below. There are 4 false statements. Mentally underline the ones that are false.

88 + 22 = 110
8 x 7 = 66
111 – 17 = 94
56 + 66 = 121
43 x 3 = 129

So did you get it?

How many times did you check the math?

One of the things we NEVER do, especially when our EMOTIONS are involved, is check our basic assumptions.

Most people keep checking the math, not the directions.

That is exactly what all the hustler’s, con artists and ‘gurus’ are counting on.

Here’s the point. The directions, you assumed, are correct.

The false statements are:

  1. 8 x 7 = 66
  2. 56 + 66 = 121
  3. There are 4 false statements

If our basic assumptions are false, if people can get us to ‘buy’ a false premise and follow it with sound, emotionally charged copy/video we become suckers.

For what?

  • ‘Secrets’
  • HOT Leads
  • Magic Systems
  • Branding games
  • Sponsor 20 people a month
  • Sponsor 20 people a day

Once they slip ‘basic assumption’ by your team, money goes out, people are no longer talking to people [gotta learn this new stuff] and your trying to figure out why no one is enrolling anyone. Ut-Oh.

The 2 =1 one thing is what con men call the  continuation process.

In my Abstract Algebra class we had an exercise we had to do often.  We’d have to prove things like 2,123,986 = 7  or 235,985 = 37, things like that.

What we were given was 2=1 and we could use them as 1 0r 2 since they equaled each other but we could not violate any other math laws.

Let me save some time here.  You can prove any 2 numbers equal one another without breaking any rules of math if you’re allowed 2=1.

2 however does not equal 1.

It  takes lots of steps, each one perfect execution of math laws [like a perfect pitch], but it works out every time.

OK, you got it so far right?

If we don’t examine basic assumptions and buy the initial story/analogy they can bring us step-by-step, totally logical manner, to the conclusion they want.  And it makes sense because every step made sense.

More specific?

A story about ‘how bad’ they were doing, out of people to talk to, warm listing burned, suffering [puh-leeze], at wits end……over night success and more money from what all smart people do …..MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME……and suckers are panting now….like a thirsty dog.


Sound successful business people do earn money from more than one place…..by putting money to work, not by taking themselves out of the big income producer.

All sound successes, as the Think and Grow Rich study proves over and over and over….and a single focus.  Even the master teach, my friend The Carpenter, preached over and over about the ‘single eye.’

So, whe do you want to believe?  The document Think and Grow Rich and its  504 case studies about focus or someone who claims to be successful but offers no proof?  The Master Teacher or a self promoting guru?

Let’s just look a tiny bit deeper.  The secret selling guru says he’s made lots of money in MLM…..and you are in his downline.  Would you want him telling the world how to compete with you?

Why would s/he do that?

Because he was suffering and wants to help people?  Give me a break.

The lapses of common sense we all experience from time to time, a story that cements an assumption and then perfectly logical statements always add up to a two losses.  Time and money.

We hear about the Gold Rush of 1849.  We’re told not everyone found gold.  Right?  Most did not.  But the people who sold tools did.  You know, picks, shovels, mining pans et al.

Makes sense, right?  So you ‘buy’ in.

Next thing you’re doing is buying tools. And you can sell them.

“Oh, goodie!  I’m going to get these great tools, get leads and it won’t cost me anything.”

Not so fast.

Examine the basic assumption.

  • Name a tool peddler from the Gold Rush who got rich.
  • Did some of them go broke?
  • Fires?
  • Robberies?

Always examine basic assumptions, the pitchman’s real ‘agenda’  and keep in mind that 2 does not equal 1.

If you do and teach your people the same thing a few great things will happen.

  1. No one will be able to leverage your hope, inexperience and desire
  2. You’ll save a lot of money
  3. You’ll save a lot of time
  4. So will your people
  5. Common sense lapses become strangers
  6. You obtain discernment
  7. Your team trusts your judgement
  8. You’ll keep first things first
  9. You won’t be building a list for someone else where these ‘wonderful folks who want to help everyone’ can later market more crap….you know, the ‘latest, greatest techno-advanced system. A.K.A. the up-sell game.

If you were a teacher and wanted to become a plumber you’d KNOW you would need to learn some new skills to be effective as a plumber.  To grow an organization we need to talk to people and learning what to say is a skill.

Talking to people is a skill.

If your warm market did not like what you had to say, why in the world would we think strangers are going to like it any better?

Here is the way in folks….here is how they get into your groups pockets…..they sell the lie [beautifully I might add], that ‘You just have to find the right people.’

Everyone wants more time, money and lower taxes, right?  Isn’t that what we offer?

Until we discover that it’s not the ‘right people’ but what we say…..it’s really easy to slip a basic assumption by us.

If we want to succeed, there is no hocus pocus, just change the focus.

Learn what to say and do……then increasing the number of prospects might make sense.  On the other hand, if you master what to say, you’ll understand why top earners everywhere never have to spend a dime.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • Mark, honest to pete, you came close, and I almost wish you had, named names in this post!!!

    Before you buy ANY tool or system that ANY so-called guru tells you built them a fortune in mlm…DEMAND TO SEE PROOF THAT THEY EVER BUILT A HUGE ORGANIZATION…and…THAT THEY ARE STILL USING WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BUY…and…THAT IT IS WHAT IS REALLY WORKING FOR THEM!!!

    Guess what? They never pony up proof!

    Someone tells you, “Using the methods I will teach you, I went from digging ditches/hammering nails/waitress to being a six-figure earning network marketer…” DEMAND PROOF!

    How big was their downline? How long did it take? What was their biggest monthly residual income check from what specific company?

    Someone tells you, “get this fantastic system and YOU will sponsor 20 people a month into your “primary” program…” DEMAND PROOF!

    If this tool/system is SO hot, have them show you the 20 people THEY are sponsoring each month into THEIR mlm.

    Sheesh people!!! THINK!

    If a lead vendor/system owner etc had leads/systems that really produced hot, anxious, money in hand ready to join prospects…


    And even if they did (dunno why they would) wouldn’t they be using it to build their own HUGE mlm business where they earn passive, hands off income?

    If you find one of these clowns who can prove to you that what he wants you to buy is really building his mlm check, join and call me!

    Man, my phone is quiet today! 😉


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